How To Grow Marigold Plant From Cuttings

Marigolds are beautiful flowers and they are the first and choice of any gardener. Also, one of the best Flowering plants online. When it comes to planting it on your own. Most of the marigold varieties are annual but they look perennial as the plant comes every year. All you need to do is store their seeds.

best time to grow marigold in India

Do you want to grow your own little ray of sunshine? The best time to grow marigold in India is between may-july. Yes, it's true that you can grow marigold just by using the cuttings. In fact, plants grown from cuttings are long-lasting and healthier than the seedlings. Below given is the step to step explanation of how to grow marigold plant from cuttings

Step 1

Prepare rooting medium by filling equal amounts of sand, soil and compost in a small pot. You can also use fine gravel to help root the cuttings. Pour about an inch of rooting hormone into the plastic cup.

Step 2

Cut a 4-inch-long stem section from the softwood growth, measuring from the stem tips. Use sharp scissors and select stems that are not yet flowering. Softwood stems are soft and immature current year growth that is not woody or hard.

Step 3

Remove all leaves from the lower half of the cutting. Leave a few leaves at the top to continue producing the natural substance that helps with root production.

Step 4

Insert a pencil into the rooting medium to a depth of about 2 inches to create a planting hole. Dip the base of each cutting in rooting hormone and plant immediately in the individual planting hole. Do not plant more than 2 inches deep.

Step 5

Firm the soil around the cuttings. water well. Place the entire pot in a plastic bag. Stick chopsticks into the routing medium to keep the bag from falling off. Close the top with a rubber band to create a greenhouse effect.

Step 6

Place the pot in a warm, bright area away from direct sunlight. Open the bag every three to four days and water enough to keep the rooting medium moist. Close the bag after filling the water. It usually takes a few weeks for the cuttings to root.

Step 7

Transfer the rooted cuttings to a medium-sized container filled with well-draining soil. Allow plants to establish before transplanting to a permanent location in the garden.

So, that's how you can grow marigold flowers from cuttings. Happy planting!

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