How To Make Balloon Bouquet At Home

The simple and elegant balloon bouquet has been in trend for quite a long time. For a child to an older person, these beautiful benefactions have left no stone unturned to impress people. Still being in trend for quite a time, not many portals or shops offer the balloon bouquet. Considering the same, we thought of why not reveal the making of balloon bouquets at home. This bouquet doesn't need much material; you just need to take care while tying the balloons and the bouquet will be prepared in no time. If you are good at DIY, then you won’t need much time to understand the preparations. So, let’s have a look at what you need and the instructions you are supposed to follow for making a balloon bouquet at home.

How To Make Balloon Bouquet At Home

Material Required

  • 11 inches high-quality latex balloon (colour of your choice)
  • Sand
  • Curling ribbons
  • Balloon sizer
  • Helium
  • Square box
  • Flowers
  • Chocolates
  • Photos (Optional)


  • If you have all the material, then let’s proceed.
  • Take a balloon and slide its neck over the nozzle; firmly grip the nozzle and the neck with thumb and index finger.
  • Now, inflate the balloon with the helium available.
  • Do not overinflate the balloon; release the gas as required. Once the balloon is filled with the gas, take the balloon sizer and gently try to resize the balloon.
  • Resizing the balloon means, it will remove the unwanted gas and get you a perfect shape as required.
  • If you are happy with the size of your balloon, we can now tie the knot. Make sure you do not have sharp nails else this can create a problem.
  • Now repeat the same process with as many balloons as you want in your balloon bouquet.
  • Take the ribbon and cut it around 2.5 metres. Now tie it loose to the balloon.
  • With the help of scissors, curl the ribbon you have tied.
  • Now take another ribbon and tie it but keep it loose. Repeat the same process with all the balloons.
  • It's time to arrange the balloons - position the balloons as you want.
  • Now take a balloon, fill it with sand and tie the knot.
  • Now the loose ends of the straight ribbons - tie all to the sand balloon so that the position you decided for the balloons, they can stand straight.
  • Take the sand balloon and place it in a square box. You can decorate the outer covering of the square box as you like.
  • Now take some flowers and chocolates, arrange them inside the square box, and fill the square box with different items.
  • You can also add photos if you like.
  • And your balloon bouquet is ready to give.

Final Words

Isn’t it easy to make? Well, try to prepare this beautiful balloon bouquet at home and surprise your dear ones. Every material is readily available at local shops or online portals. So, grab one, plan a beautiful evening and astound your love with the efforts you have put to bring things to reality. Let us know your thoughts when you make this balloon bouquet at home.