How to Make Chocolate Bouquet for Birthday

If you are looking for unusual gifts to give, there are many ways to express yourself. Unlike the traditional gifts, there is one thing in the world that can do magic for the gift recipients no matter their age is - candy bouquet.
A candy bouquet will make a perfect table setting for birthday parties. They are a simple and innovative way of expressing your love for that special someone. A new mum or dad would just be thrilled to receive a thoughtful gift of a new baby born day chocolate bouquets. The occasions when a candy bouquet is appropriate as a gift are endless.

How to Make Chocolate Bouquet for Birthday

Prepare your materials

The popular choices for candy bouquets are lollipops and kisses. Some people also add teddies, flowers, succulents, etc. Keep tools handy as well, such as wires, tapes, ribbons, and glitters.

Cutting and wiring

Once all the materials are ready and available, snip candy and lollipop end to your desired lengths. Do the same for your flower stems, and then cut up wire to wrap the base of the chocolate wrappings. The point of this is to cut the wires and place the candies in an attractive and uniform manner.

Assemble the candy bouquet

Take a bunch of lollipops and carefully place flowers and leaves in between them. You can also add other kinds of chocolates to the bouquet or basket, whichever you are making. Flowers that differ in colour from the wrappers of the lollipops would be great to use since the contrast would make the bouquet a sight to behold.

Add finishing touches

Add pieces of colorful cellophane paper, glitters and wrap this around your candy bouquet.

Here is a sample idea on how to make a chocolate bouquet, your very own, for the first time!

Items you will need:

  • 1 large chocolate heart
  • 2 boxes of chocolates (We are using Roses and Ferrero Rocher)
  • Red and white ribbon
  • 1 small teddy bear (optional)
  • Dry oasis
  • Glue
  • 11 wooden skewers
  • 1 posy bowl
  • Wires and stem tape
  • Cellophane

Step 1: Wrapping the handle

Take your red and white ribbon and wrap it around the handle of the basket. Start on one side, then just wrap around the handle until you get to the other side.

Step 2: Prepare the oasis

Place your oasis into the posy bowl. You won't need the whole brick for this, so trim it to size using a piece of wire or a knife. Remember to level the oasis perfectly so that it does not topple once it is en route to the birthday boy or gal.

Step 3: Attach the oasis

Hold the bowl and oasis together gently and attach them together. There are three ways to get on about it.
Hot glue the posy bowl to the basket or use strong adhesive or even wire them in.

Step 4: Start adding the candy

Start the placement process from the center. Start by adding the candies. Then place the teddy bear behind that. Make sure that the teddy is visible. Cover the entire oasis with colourful and gorgeous candies. Trim all the chocolate wires though. You do not want to accidentally injure the gift recipient’s hands while handling the chocolate. Trim the skewers that the Ferrero Rocher are on as well, and place them in-between the chocolates to help separate the colors. Ensure the oasis does not pop up from underneath as it will compromise the bouquet’s beauty.

Step 5: Add the finishing touches

You can cover the bouquet from the sides with colourful or transparent cellophane paper. It can be decorative too! Add decorative designs, glitters, and even dried or pressed flowers and other aromatics.
And there you have it... a beautiful chocolate bouquet!