How Photos Can be Used in Presents?

Each one of us has pictures of our special ones, with whom we share our emotions. Sharing and keeping each other's picture is a sign of a healthy relationship. So, why not make use of these pictures and frame them into a thoughtful gift? Do you have any idea, how easy it is to make something unique out of a picture? Well, all you have to do is, put some extra effort and you are sorted. A little bit of turning and tweaking with your special one’s picture will result in amazing gifts. Here are some quirky ideas, which you can inculcate if you wish to surprise someone on their special occasion or just like that.

personalised photo gifts

Watches/Wall Clocks

There are not many ways by which you can personalize wall clocks. Of the limited options available, the best is to make a photo printed wall clock. Various online gifting portals allow you to customize wall clocks by adding photos in the background. Whether you want to use a single photo, collage or any other type of photograph, it all would be a product of your imagination! It will make one of the best personalised gifts.

personalised wall clock

Photo Bookmarks

Bookmarks promote healthy reading. If you wish to present a gift to your nerdy friend, then this is a good option. Make it funny by using funny pictures of you two, having some crazy time. A photo bookmark is an interesting gift and can make anyone laugh, even if they are doing some serious studies.

photo bookmarks


There is almost everything out there that can be personalised these days, but how you do it, that matters. It should impress the receiver. And what better than a pendant that will never beat the elegance and beauty of the receiver? A pendant is always close to your heart, that's why it is considered a very important gift. If you were planning to buy a pendant for your special someone, then a little tweaking would make it more beautiful. Add a photo to it and then present it to them and do not forget to record their reaction.

pendant gift

Buckle Belt

Well, if you are on the lookout for something trendy, then go for a fashionable clothing accessory, like a buckle belt. It can be worn with any of the outfits. All you have to do is personalise it with a beautiful picture in the center and present it to your fashionista friend or family member.

buckle belt

Laptop Sleeve

If your loved ones, be it your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, mother or father are always at work and even bring work at home, then they need a nice reminder of you. Let them know you are important, sometimes a gift also works as a reminder. A laptop sleeve with a picture of you with a quote will surely work. Whenever they will open the laptop, it will remind them of you.

laptop sleeve


Another quirky idea to surprise your loved ones is creating memories that will remind them of you, whenever they will check the date or the day. Yes! Calendar it is! Make a personalised calendar for your beloved ones, with each month frame a memory that connects you with them. You can also add a personal note along with each photo. Isn’t this an awesome personalised gift to impress your loved ones?

calendar gifts


A dairy is something very close to the one who loves to jot down their personal feelings or daily tasks. Gifting someone a diary is itself an emotion and if you are choosing to go personalise, then it will automatically enhance the beauty of it. So, if you are planning to gift a diary to your loved ones, do a little tweaking and add a picture of them with a quote.

customize diary

So, these were some amazing ideas that you can use when in doubt, see what wonder can a picture do to your gifts. And guess what? You don’t have to wander here and there to get them personalised. All you have to do is visit our website and scroll through our personalised gift section and then there is no looking back.