How To Plan The Most Memorable Father's Day Ever

Father's Day is about to be 'today' soon, and the time is slipping. Make yourself geared up for the father's day celebration and think creatively about how to plan a father's day.

Memorable Father’s Day Ever

You can go with the celebration plan we are sharing here to make it memorable for your father and to bring lots of happiness to him.

Wake Him Up With Coffee & Flowers

flowers and coffee

Your efforts to make him smile should kickstart as the day begins in the morning. And you must wake him up with a mug of coffee in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in the other. Make the coffee by yourself and get the best fathers day flowers - first of many father’s day celebration ideas. Just imagine his surprised face when he wakes up and sees you standing there.

Serve Him His Favourite Breakfast

favourite breakfast

Even though it's about 'how to plan a father's day', the whole family should put in the effort to make the man smile. And serving your father his favourite food for breakfast will double up the happiness you sparked by waking him up with coffee and flowers. And the food must be served like it is served to a King.

A Dedicated Dance Video

dedicated dance video

Get your siblings in your plan and shoot a dedicated dance video for your father as a part of how to plan father’s day. Do all the rehearsing it requires and put your best in to make the video look like a professional dance video. Choose your song accordingly. Surprise your father after having breakfast by playing the video on your smart television.

Give Your Father A Makeover


What to do for father’s day at home? We can bet that you have been watching your father in the same look for many years. His stylish sense is still the same, and his beard and hairstyle have not also changed. This father's day, you can give him a proper makeover. Do pick a look that suits him. Be aware, not every father will agree to this easily. Your father’s makeover makes for a perfect father’s day celebration idea.

Surprise Him With A Gift Combo

gift combo

After giving your father a new and cool stylish look, it's time to surprise him with a combo of father's day gifts India as a part of how to plan father’s day. Personalised whisky glass, pen, a wristwatch, and protein bars are the items we think will make a perfect combo. If you want to know the perfect time to present the fathers day gift, then we will suggest handing it over after the daytime nap.

Father's Day Celebration In Evening

fathers day celebration

After receiving the gift, your father will think that the surprises are over, but we are here to know 'HOW TO PLAN FATHER'S DAY', and the final surprise is pending. Plan for a party in the evening. Start by playing the music and bring your father to the table where the special father's day cake is waiting by closing his eyes. Cutting a cake is one of the best father’s day celebration ideas.

Tight Hug & Some Lovely Words

give him a tight hug

After the celebration is over and your father plans to go to his bedroom, stop him and give him a tight hug. While hugging him, say some lovely words to make him feel overwhelmed and extremely loved. Kiss him on the cheeks and say 'Happy Father's Day'. And that gives a perfect ending to the day-long efforts.

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If you have any other ideas in mind on how to plan father’s day, go and adjust them with the schedule we have shared with you for a memorable father's day celebration.