How to propagate money plant in soil

Money plant has got to be one of those plants that a lot of us are familiar with. We have all seen money plants being exchanged between loved ones. So if it has never occurred to you why the money plant is so popular, allow us to tell you that the money plant is actually believed to attract positivity and prosperity to its surroundings. If you want to bring one home on that note, it would only be understandable. It would be great to buy a money plant online as there are so many reliable online florist options available to us. However, before you bring a money plant home, it is important for you to learn how to grow money plant in soil if you are planning to grow your money plant in soil. Let's go over some tips that will help you find out how to propagate money plant in soil.

how to grow money plant in soil

- Find a pot which is right for the size of the plant that you are bringing home.

- Plastic, clay and ceramic materials are good in pots.

- Your money plant will need a neutral soil to grow in with a ph level between six to seven point five.

- Do not overwater your money plant.

- Money plants like more water in summer than in winter.

- Money plants do very well indoors with indirect and bright sunlight.

- Direct sunlight can burn your money plant.

- Place a stick in your pot so that the money plant can climb up and flourish.