How To Choose Perfume - Know From Here!

“Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance — a detail that subtly underscores the look, an invisible extra that completes a man and a woman’s personality. Without it, there is something missing.” – Gianni Versace.

Some say perfumes are those aromatic accessories which makes them feel confident and empowered. While some others would say, it helps one to say bye-bye to body odour and to welcome freshness with open arms. Be it whatever, without splashing some perfume on oneself, one could possibly not leave their houses. The obsession is real, for everyone, precisely! Which is why perfumes for girls and guys have been seen to be a major hit or much appreciated when it was passed from one person to another. But the dilemma is how to choose Perfume for girls? How to know whether we are selecting the right notes of the Perfume, that our loved ones or we will happen to like? Answering all our questions as to how to select a perfume, some experts have provided us with certain points/ tips to consider before going for perfume shopping. But wait, before we diggin into perfume shopping, let’s go through some important perfume-related terms that will surely help you shop better.

How to choose perfume

1. Fragrance Notes - These are the ingredients that Perfume is made of. Just like music is made of some musical notes, same way perfumes are too. To speak of there are three types of notes - top notes, heart notes and base notes.

2. Top Notes - It is the lightest of all the notes but most important one of all. As the first impression is the last one, hence if one finds the top notes of a perfume suitable to his/her taste, he/she may like to go with the Perfume; if not, then wouldn’t even care to look back. These are the opening notes of the Perfume which rises just when a splash of the Perfume is sprayed or applied. Notable top notes are either citrus (lemon, orange zest, bergamot) or light fruits (grapefruit, berries) or even could be herbs (clary sage, lavender).

3. Heart Notes - Also known as middle notes, just when the top notes evaporate middle notes of the Perfume starts to show. They tend to last longer than the top notes of the Perfume. Common heart notes of the Perfume are geranium, rose, lemongrass, ylang-ylang, lavender, coriander and jasmine.

4. Base Notes - When both of the other notes of the Perfume vanishes, the last or the base notes tend to appear. They tend to make any perfumes last longer as it settles down on human skin, comfortably. Popular base notes are cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla, oakmoss and musk.

All these notes of the Perfume need to complement each other, only then the fragrance will be seeming to appeal to us, humans. Now, let’s consider this perfume guide and get our shopping done, right away.

1. Take The Perfume Test For Atleast 4 Hours

When you smell the Perfume right after splashing it on our inner wrists, we are usually only able to smell the top note of the Perfume. So, our experts suggest to give it some time for about 4 hours or so, so that you are able to sense all the three notes of the Perfume and only thereafter making the decision to purchase it. Don’t rush; let it settle!

Take The Perfume Test For Atleast 4 Hours

2. Never Give Try To Too Many Frangrances At A Particular Point Of Time

You might end up getting absolutely confused yourself which Perfume had which notes and which one of the plenty one were about to go with. So, try one or two at a time, let it settle down for you to make a note of its “fragrance notes” and then make your decision. The in-store experts might end up pushing you to purchase more than one Perfume but stick to the number, you decided and didn’t rush into making the decision, right away.

Never Give Try To Too Many Frangrances At A Particular Point Of Time

3. Can Smell The Fragrance? Then, Don’t Go With It!

It is one of the most held misconceptions that if you are not able to smell the scent of your skin, then it’s not going to last longer. We are not often able to smell off the Perfume, but that doesn’t mean the perfume has vanished. Ask someone else to smell off you. If you are applying 5-6 sprays at a time to smell off you, then think of how faster the perfume bottle will get emptied. Be wise as you make your decision!

Can Smell The Fragrance

4. Try To Understand The Notes

We explained the fragrance notes above, make sure to have a better understanding of them. Try reading about some new fragrances and their notes made available in the market. Familiarise yourself with perfume family before you go out shopping.

Try To Understand The Notes

5. Follow Your Heart And Not The Trend

Place your price on not what newspaper’s say, but on what your heart says. Everyone is opinionated, these days so what might be termed as “cool” in other’s sense, might not be “so cool” in your opinion. When it comes to perfume shopping, personal choice, or a personal sense of style or smell is what only truly matters.

Follow Your Heart And Not The Trend

So, this was five effective tips to go on a perfume shopping spree. Once you follow these words of wisdom from our experts, you will know going for a perfume shopping ain’t that tedious or boring. Rather, super fun! So, bless yourself with an olfactory experience that makes you believe perfumes are the tonic which makes one go from “Na-Da” to “PRADA”.