How to Fixed Common Mistakes in Baking?

Baking is the truest form of art. When done right, it is like a mental and emotional therapy. Mistakes are an indispensable part of every art; baking is no different. There are common mistakes in baking as well that can leave the most level-headed baker distressed.

Common Baking Errors

In art, there are no mistakes, only discoveries, said a wise man once! Likewise, in the art of baking, the common baking mistakes have resulted in the fixation discoveries.

Bakers, let’s troubleshoot cake baking mistakes. Are you ready?

1) Oven Temperature Isn’t Right:

Maybe through all your baking years; you have been oblivious to one of these baking errors, incorrect oven temperature. Don’t get fooled by the temperature displayed at the oven. It is because all ovens heat differently and unevenly. The correct way to determine the right temperature of the oven is to invest in an internal thermometer.

oven temprature

2) Frequent Opening and Closing Of Oven Door:

We understand you may be tempted by the desire to take a sneak peek of the chocolate cake inside the oven, which provokes you to open and close the oven door frequently. It is one of the common sponge cake mistakes that result in the collapse of the cake. But, how to calm the temptations as well as save the cake? Watch your cake from the window. You can assess whether it has baked or not. Only open the door for rotating the cake and once done.

3) Cake Is Either Too Wobbly Or Too Parched:

As we said earlier, Baking is an art that demands correct execution of steps. Baking a cake for too long can result in a dry cake and baking it little can yield in a mushy centre. If your cake comes out dry, poke some holes on the top surface, and brush the cake with sugar syrup. Let the syrup penetrate the holes; your cake will be moist to eat. But, if the cake centre looks wobbly, cover the top of the cake with a foil, decrease the temperature by 75 degrees, and bake it. Take a toothpick test to confirm. The foil will prevent the sides from being over baked but will firm up the centre.

4) Cake is Chewy and Firm:

While whisking ingredients for cakes and cupcakes, we tend to overmix them in the flow. Maybe you took, don’t be afraid to take whisks too seriously. Overmixing is one of the biggest cake and cupcake mistakes that lead to over activation of the gluten resulting in chewy and firm desserts. Other baking mistakes correct them before you bake some disasters is to mix wet ingredients and dry ingredients separately and then combine them. Also, add dry to the wet and not the other way round.

5) Lumps in Melted Chocolate:

Whenever, you order an online cake, your baker soul questions why my melted chocolate is lumpy and bumpy. What’s their secret? If your chocolate has clumps, there is a chance there will be water in the mixing bowl. Water droplets can cause clumping. Next time, take a dry bowl, add a small amount of vegetable oil in your melted chocolate and stir. It will be glossy and velvety; just like you want.

lumpy melted chocolate

6) Dome Shaped Cakes:

Baking layered cake is a skill that only a few master. Uneven cake layers or cake rising in the centre; thus resembling a dome shape are few common breads making mistakes that many bakers like you faced while baking. The trick is to wrap a damp towel or even bake strips around the edge of the cake pan. It will prohibit rising of the cake in the centre, thus ensuring a level, the smooth cake comes out from the oven.

7) Baked Goods with Soggy Bottom:

Soggy bottoms are the result of bread baking mistakes. Allowing the cake bread to rest on a surface for too long can lead to condensation, thus culminating in a soggy bottom. Always, rest the cake bread on the wire rack, which will maintain the airflow and heat to escape through the rack, preventing the cake from being soggy.

8) Uneven Cake Baking:

Have you noticed that your cake is unevenly baked. There are darker patches on one side, and the other is white. It is because the heat within the oven wasn’t distributed evenly, and if your cake remains in the same position, it gets baked unevenly. Rotate your cake at least once during the process of baking for a perfectly even baked cake.

9) Flour Isn’t Blending Smoothly:

If while baking your dough or batter is taking an odd texture or you feel the flour isn’t incorporating smoothly, then you may have committed flour mistakes like skipping the sifting step, using the wrong amount of flour, not letting it aerate. Instead of digging the flour bag, use a measuring spoon to add flour, sifting is necessary for aeration, etc.

flour blending

10) Not-So Tasty Cakes and Cookies:

Ingredients can make or break your baking. Using cold ingredients often results in clumpy mixtures. Ingredients should always be at room temperature. This is the golden baking rule. For impromptu baking, you can put cold eggs into warm water to speed up the process or cut butter into small pieces to expedite the warming process.

Mistakes are a part of baking, but fixations are the solutions. Whenever you make a baking mistake, remember, there is a way to fix it. You just need to know these tips and tricks to correct the mistakes.