How to Get Free Gift Cards?

Everyone loves gift cards and get a free gift card just makes our day extra special. Additionally, gift cards are perfect for gifting purposes to your dear ones on various special occasions throughout the year. Getting a gift voucher is like a free pass to buy something that you generally won’t plan to buy. New garments, books, computer games, spa passes, desserts, etc. But how to get a free gift card? Well, there are certain websites and applications through which you can get free gift cards easily by performing certain tasks and surveys.

How to Get Free Gift Cards


The best site to get online greeting cards is Swagbucks. You can do tasks like watching advertisement videos, completing surveys, playing online games, and referring friends. These will help you in gaining points in your wallet and these points can be used to redeem gift cards of Amazon, Paypal, Freecharge, etc. You can also use Swagbucks to purchase various products online on Amazon or on different portals at a discounted price.


Instagram is an amazing platform to win giveaways, gift cards, and much more. You can check out your favourite brands Instagram official handles to see if they are hosting any giveaways. You can also browse different hashtags like #freebie, #giveaway, #freegiftcards, #contest, etc. Many results of different companies and organisations will come up. Take part in the recent ones to get the chance to win free gift cards.

Survey Junkie

A legit website will surveys always available for users is Survey Junkie. You can complete various surveys according to your preferences and you will be rewarded points in your wallet. Use these points to get free gift cards. Also, the surveys will be matched according to your interest. Spend an hour daily for a couple of weeks and you will earn a lot of points for gift cards.


Many shopping portals and websites offer free gift cards if you bring in a certain number of active users to their website. Generate your referral code or link and share it with your friend and family to sign up on the platform so that you get a free gift card. Make sure to read the complete referral policy before starting the referral process.

Credit Card Rewards

Many credit card companies offer rewards for using their credit cards. The deal is to pay off the credit amount before time. Go through the reward programs and read the terms and conditions before making purchases. Pay your bills, buy groceries, and do shopping with your credit card to earn free gift cards and cashbacks of different brands.

So, these were the different ways through which you can easily get free gift cards. Also while availing online gift delivery in Delhi, Mumbai, or in any other city from reliable gifting portals, you will get cashback points which can be converted into gift cards later. Hope you find the blog useful to kick off your journey towards the ultimate dream destination full of free gift cards!