How to Handle Your Wife Positively?

Sometimes soulmate, sometimes cellmate--this is true for married couples. Husbands and wives not always exchange love and romantic gestures. They have to go through ugly squabbles and disagreements as well. No couple can escape it no matter how badly they want to, but every couple can ensure that at the end all the roads lead them towards each other. Husbands often complain that it is next to impossible to mend ways with wife or to keep her happy all the time. So, the listed ways suggest how to handle a wife positively even in times when you feel your marriage has hit the bottom rock.

How to Handle Your Wife Positively

1. Prioritise Communication

Your wife may find incredible joy in the fact that you listen to her. Therefore, communicate on a regular basis. This surely doesn’t mean you have to agree with her, but effectively communicate to make her feel connected to you. Whether the joys of sorrows, talk to each other. Whenever she is talking, pay attention and politely and patiently answer. Your calm demeanour will ease off her anger and will save you both from those “god forbid” moments. You can also take help of written notes to communicate and express your feelings.

Prioritise Communication

2. Take Care Of The Little Things

“It’s nice when someone remembers little things about you. Not because you keep reminding them, but because they care about you.” Yes, your wife would feel more secure in a relationship with you, happier, and loved when you pay attention to the little things related to her. It could be her choices in the food, or gifting her favourite bag because you noticed her scrolling through bags for women online or just taking care of her mood swings. It could be anything that is related to her or important to her. If she wants to hear how much you love her, make a habit of saying “ I Love You” at least once a day. All these are good ways of handling her.

3. Physical Intimacy is Important

The importance of physical touch and intimacy cannot be understated in a married relationship. One study revealed that somatic closeness in couples played a crucial stress-protecting role in relationships. Another research shows that happy marriages tend to be those that include mindful physical touch, which acts as a cortisol-reducing mechanism for the body. Caress her, hug her, and make love as a part of reinforcing physical intimacy in your relationship.

Physical Intimacy is Important

4. Take Interest in Her Interests and Hobbies

At times, listening to her won’t be enough. You would need to go the extra mile to handle her positively. Take interest in her hobbies and likes. For once, initiate and take part in an activity she likes to do, maybe gardening, watching romantic movies, going out for shopping or any other thing. When she is feeling low, do things to cheer her up. If she likes pizza, order one for her. If you think gifts would make her happy, shop gifts for wife.

5. Respect Her Opinions

As your partner, she has the right to express what she feels. Even if you disagree with her, learn to respect her opinions and thoughts. Value her feelings. Always listen even if you both have different views on the matter, consider what she has to say and then mutually decide. Don’t be a dictator in a relationship. Make her feel that you value her.

Respect Her Opinions

6. Support Her Professionally

If your wife is a working woman, support her professionally. Create a division of labour that works best for both of you, so she can give time to her professional life and achieve greater heights. Praise her when she excels at the work front. Create such an environment for her where she can strive out the work-life balance. Afterall her career is as important as yours.

7. Have Healthy Arguments

As we said earlier, you can’t avoid conflicts. But, healthy conflicts are welcomed. As husband and wife, fight better, meaning have arguments on topics important, do not blow the matter out of proportion, and show compassion while having differences. Also, never avoid conflicts, you should confront whenever required but keep these in mind, listen to her as well and work towards a focused solution.

Have Healthy Arguments

She is not just your wife, but your friend and soulmate too. Handle her with care and kindness. Hope these ways will help.