How to Make Cake Pops at Home?

Summer has begun, and soon there will be vacations for a month and so. Your Lil munchkins would be making your world go upside down with their toys here and their books there, the kids themselves- nowhere. They'll also be eating up your head, to make them some food or the other. Indulging kids with some of the other creative activities, we bring you a fun way to keep those Lil Shaitans busy.

Cake Pop

Follow the below steps and help them learn cake pops the easy way. And we promise these cake balls will not just entice their creative side but will inspire them to make birthday pops for any birthday cake. So let's make some fun chocolate cake pops and learn something new. Below we are sharing some steps to make some easy-pissy cake pops.

1. Cake Crumbs

So buy a pack of some fruit cakes or dry cakes and crush them into a powdery mix. Add a spoonful of melted butter in the cake crumb mix, and remix them. Now make balls of this mix and keep them on a tray to set for a minute or two. Not insert a skewer in these balls. On the hand, either take some chocolate syrup or make one yourself (exclude the kids from this process). Dip these balls in the syrup and put them back to the tray and finally freeze them for ten to fifteen minutes.

Cake Crumbs

2. Sprinkle some Love

Whether you are making some cheesecake pop or chocolate ones, do not forget to add some sprinkles to lit up the pops. While you have just dipped these cake pop balls in the chocolate dip, sprinkle some choco chips or cocoa-shavings on the cake pops. Let it dry and treat your kids with this home-made easy chocolate delight.

Sprinkle some Love

3. Make it Different Inside-out

Another way to amaze your kids is- take two separate bowls and two different coloured cake crumbs or dry cakes. Now add butter in both and mix them well. Now make a semi-circle ball of one crumb mix and one semi-circle of the other mix. Now combine both these balls and dip them in melted white chocolate and sprinkle some chocolate chips and edible sprinkles in silver colour. Freeze it and treat your kids with some pop balls that will make them go amused.

Make it Different Inside-out

4. Fill in the Colors

Make some white choco balls and with white chocolate as the top layer, sprinkle some coloured sugar on these popsicle sticks. Put all the bright colours in a line on the white popsicle, and there, your unicorn cake pops are ready to make your kids go more wondrous.

Fill in the Colors

5. Enamelled Popsickle

To make these popsicles, all you need is some edible food colours and white melted white chocolate. Make your regular popsicle of chocolate crumbs and in the melted white chocolate, pour a few drops of food colours, here and there. Take a skewer stick and run it in the melted white chocolate with food colouring. You only need to attach one drop to another, and that's it. Now dip the popsicle balls in the dip and twist it. And there, your enamelled popsicle is ready.

Enamelled Popsickle

6. Shape it Up

Never forget to give your kids a chance to explore and discover their heights of creativity. While binding the cake crumbs and melted butter, let them go crazy with any shape of the mix, they want. Be it a heart or a star, let them explore and see them all giggles.

Shape It Up

Apart from these ways of making edible popsicles, you can also sit with your kids and make some DIY paper cake-toppers. Make them in any desired shape and colour them with your kid's favourite colours. Ask them to draw their heart out and colour all that is in their mind. Stick a popsicle stick at the backside. Also, you can avail some very beautifully designed cakes with such cake pops, and you can always go online and get midnight cake delivery done. So now make your kids get involved in the making of chocolate cake balls at home and spend some time with them, living a good vacay time.