How To Make Money Plant Bushy?

Indian Money Plant is a loved house plant. With its heart-shaped leaves in green colour, it is a live beauty to behold. Keeping a Money plant at home is considered auspicious for wealth and fortune. Money plant is a creeper, thus ideal for decorating your balconies, walls, trellis, windows. Though Money Plants can thrive in any climatic conditions, here are tips to grow a bushy money plant.

How To Make Money Plant Bushy

How To Grow Bushy Money Plant?

Prune Them Well: Pruning will make your Money Plant look bushier. If you don't, the stems will keep trailing, looking thinner. As Money plants can grow in areas with low light, they can develop sparse leaves and a non-sculpted look. With the help of pruning shears, prune the leaves and stems of the Money Plant.

- If you want a fuller Money Plant from the top, prune the leaves and stems growing in an outward direction.

- Always cut below the leaf node.

- You can trim your stems and use the cuttings for propagation.

How To Make Money Plant Bushy

Feed Them Properly: Unlike heavy feeders, Money Plant does not require fertilizer. If you want to spur growth, you will need to fertilize the plant. Fertilization will boost foliage growth, making the plant look heavier and healthier.

- Compost or Liquid Fertilizer can be used. Mix liquid fertilizer with water to dilute it. Dilution will ensure you do not burn the plant in the process.

- Solid Fertilizer can be put on the top, and water to activate the fertilizer.

- Always use organic fertilizer.

- Too much fertilizer can be a problem. Use it in moderation. If there is excess fertilizer buildup, remove the plant from the soil and replant in a new one.

Provide It with Adequate Sunlight: Sunlight is the source of energy for the plants. Keep your Money Plant in a sunny spot and it will bloom into a denser plant. Good amount of sunlight will make the plant thrive faster and better.

- Expose the plant to bright yet indirect sunlight

- Choose well-lit spots where indirect sunlight is readily available

- When you feel leaves are burning, move them in for a while

How To Make Money Plant Bushy

Keep The Plant Hydrated: Just like us, plants get dehydrated too. Brown edges and curled up leaves are the signs of dehydration. Water your plants regularly. Remove dead leaves and water.

- Keep the soil moist

- Water it between soil drying

- Water the plant with watering can

- Touch the soil and press the finger, if the soil sticks, it is wet

Make Sure Temperature is Right: Money Plants like warmer temperatures. Too much cold and heat can stress the plant leaves. The leaves will shrivel, limp or get burned.

- The ideal temperature is between 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit

The answer to the question: how to make money plant bushy is simple. Take proper care of your plant. Nurture and nourish them with proper amounts of sunlight, water, fertilizer and timely pruning. Your Money Plant will grow bushier, healthier, and heavier.