How to make rava cake in cooker at home

Heard of an exotic sweet dish called Basbousa? Yes, we are talking about that sweet cake made from semolina batter which is further sweetened with lemon extract or rose water simple syrup. The desi version or the Basbousa 2.0 is Rava cake or suji cake, as it is popularly called. Some may like to call it Suji while some others like to refer to it as semolina. A spongy, dry cake rava cake at home can be prepared to delight one’s family members or even when some friends are coming over for a cup of tea/coffee. Quite just like other cakes, a rava cake with egg as well as an eggless rava cake both can be easily prepared within a fraction of minutes, looking into the vegetarian/non-vegetarian preferences.

Rava Cake Recipe

Here’s an easy suji cake recipe for every amateur baker who was looking once for a suji/ rava cake recipe online. The best part about this recipe is that you don’t need an oven or microwave, as we are going to try our hands-on rava cake without oven recipe. Yes, you heard us right! We will bake this rava cake in pressure cooker and trust us, it is going to have that same heavenly taste, aroma and appeal as it has in your nearest bakery. So, what's the wait for? Let’s quickly start discussing how to make a yummy suji cake in cooker and what all we need.

Course Type: Dessert

Cuisine: Indian

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Total Time Preparations: 1 hour 5 minutes


• 2 cups Rava

• 1 tsp Baking soda

• 1 cup Milk

• 1.5 cups Sugar

• 1.5 tbsp Ghee

• 1 cup Curd

• 1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Rava Cake Ingredients

Let’s Start Baking

• To try this rava cake recipe in cooker, we need to start by preheating the cooker. For this, make sure to place a stand (preferably an iron stand) inside the cooker. Keep the lid on but without the gasket and whistle. Furthermore, set the gas flame onto high mode for 10-15 mins.

• Start with your cake mix. In order to do so, put milk, sugar and ghee in a mixer and blend it until smooth.

• Once done, pour it in a bowl and add curd to it. Mix well.

• Then add rava, vanilla extract and baking soda, one by one.

• Mix everything in a bowl well. Grease your cake tin with oil or butter and pour your cake batter into it.

• On medium flame for about 60-70 mins more cook for this cake batter in the preheated pressure cooker. Make sure to get a sneak peek after 40 mins of baking by lifting the lid on. If not then at least every 10 mins interval to keep a check on the cake.

Rava Cake

• If the cake seems done early, prick a toothpick or a knife and check whether it comes clean. If not, then bake it for a couple for a few more minutes.

And this is how your rava cake in cooker will be ready within a few minutes. You can absolutely top it up with some coconut, mango, sliced almonds, chocolate shavings or tooti frooti to add some additional yumminess.

So forget all your worries about having an oven to bake at home and try this easy cooker rava/ suji/ semolina cake recipe. It’s quick! It’s easy! And it;’s delicious!