How To Propose A Boy? 10 Best Ways

Every day and night, you keep thinking about him and living the moments in your imagination with him that you want to happen in real life, but you struggle while thinking about how to propose a boy who is ruling your heart with his charm and personality.

Well, we know it's a bit difficult as instances of a girl proposing a boy don't happen much. But, no worries, we’ve got you covered with the 10 best ways of proposing a guy.

How To Propose A Boy

1. Talk to his best friend about your feelings in a casual way that wouldn't sound like you doing it for a purpose. Sooner or later it will reach the boy, and maybe he will come to you with a proposal.
2. If you are in a good friendship with the boy then you can ask him about what he thinks of you and does he see a future with you. It is a straightforward way to propose a boy, but boys do like it straight.
3. Ask him the love and relationship-related questions on chats. This will give you hints about what he thinks, and he will get hints of what's coming his way. Doing this can ease your task.
4. Romantic dinner dates can never go out of fashion. Gather your guts and ask the boy out for a dinner date. Keep a hold on your feelings while asking him out and reveal your emotions just before finishing the dinner.
5. If the guy is in your group or class, then one of the best ways to propose to him is to say it directly on a college trip. You will get both the privacy and the atmosphere for the romantic task. Ask him the big question as soon as you find him alone.
6. Another great way is to ask him out for a movie night. Just like the romantic dinner date, keep the invitation casual and let him feel that you two will not be alone, and there will be more common friends. Picking a romantic movie is just like a diamond on a gold ring.
7. You don't always have to speak. A proposal is all about the voice of words and proposing a boy with a heart-melting message is a great idea. You can send the message directly to his inbox if you have his phone number or you can do it in a traditional way with a love letter.
8. Another way is to do it the way boys do. Pick the best from many gifts for boys and the one that suits his personality and reveals whatever you feel for him. Boys don't like emotional gifts, so it would be better if you get something useful.
9. Sometimes there is no need for a proposal as love can get conveyed through eyes. Spending time with the boy and doing lovely things can get him in a relationship with you with a proposal. All that is required is true love!
10. If you ever receive a gift from the boy who you want to propose to, then you have the best chance to propose to him with return gifts. You can say it directly or can keep the letter inside the gift box.

May Lord Bless You With Everlasting Love & Lifelong Relationship With The One You Want!