How to Surprise Your Loved Ones in Lockdown

There would be many people whose birthday, anniversary and other such special days would be falling amidst this Lockdown period. There would be absolutely no one who wouldn’t know what’s currently happening out in the world. Yes, we are talking about the global pandemic situation being created due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. As a result of this virus outbreak, our going out and partying plans have been put on hold for a while now. And every celebration that we have needs coming up needs to be accompanied by the word “quarantine” for instance quarantine birthday surprise or quarantine anniversary party.

Surprise Your Loved Ones in Lockdown

The regular birthday surprise or parties which were earlier used to be have been lately - “out of sight and out of mind for us. No matter how much we miss those days but for the time being it will be best for us to accept the lockdown love any way our loved ones are passing it through us. In such a crisis time, this is all that matters. With a beam of optimism gleaming through our eyes, we want everything to pause and rewind to those good, old days. And no doubt, we will overcome it someday soon. But till that time let's keep each other happy and surrounded with a bit of positive vibes and get to know how to surprise someone under a Lockdown situation. Take leads from this blog and start planning.

1. Opt for Online Delivery of Gift

As you can’t surprise your loved one with a gift at his/her doorstep, so choose an online gift store which would serve you with its efficient yet safe delivery services. From being able to choose a gift like a chocolate bouquet, flowers or a teddy bear to getting it delivered as per your own time and convenience, is something you can do to surprise your loved one to the core.

Opt for Online Delivery of Gift

2. Let The Celebrations Begin From The Midnight Itself

There’s nothing more surprising than a knock at your loved one’s door just when the clock strikes 12 at night and he/she turns a year older. So, what you can do is order a cake online and opt for midnight delivery over some reputed bakery’s website. Tears will roll out of joy as and when they receive a pound of happiness to save their quarantine birthday being an absolute bummer.

Let The Celebrations Begin From The Midnight Itself

3. Call For A Virtual Party

There are a number of video calling apps that allow you and your loved ones to stay connected amidst the Lockdown, so choose any one of them. Ask all of your loved one’s bunch of beloved to join in at a particular time, popping out a special placard message for him/her. Something like this is sure to leave your loved one mesmerized to the core, for sure.

Call for A Virtual Party

4. Social Media Posting

No new fact that in today’s generation everyone’s world revolves around various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other such applications. So, one can well imagine the effect a wish popping over their social media can have. So, get every friend, family or relative close to your loved one to convey their wishes over these social media platforms. You can think of a hashtag to wish him/her with and ask everyone to be posting their wish under the same. The man/ women of the hour will be left in your awe as you get everyone to wish him/her over social media.

Social Media Posting

5. Call For A Movie Marathon

Netflix has a special feature with which one can watch a movie as well as chat at the same time called Netflix Party. Isn’t this great? As everyone in this quarantine n chill period has installed this application, why not make the full use of it? All-day long you guys can binge-watch his/her favourite shows, web series or movies together and can even review it accordingly. How does that sound? Cool, isn’t it?

Call For A Movie Marathon

6. Donate Something In His/her Name

Make him/her feel as if he/she is on the top of the world because something really matters than donating or doing charity in a crisis situation. The Lockdown period has affected even worse the minorities of our society, so for humanity sakes do your bit in your loved one’s name by doing a Lil charity. As he/she receives the thank you card for the donation being made, it will be one of the most priceless experiences they have probably witnessed till date.

Donate Something in Hisher Name

So, these were some of our handpicked ideas to surprise your loved ones in Lockdown. At this point in time, we need to be there for each other - if not physically then virtually for sure. So make sure to keep your loved ones closer as you never know what’s kept in store for tomorrow. Let kindness and your thoughtfulness speak as gifting helps you to win your loved ones’ hearts.

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