How to Grow and Care for a Jade Plant

It is an extremely popular succulent plant with fleshy, over-shaped leaves. They live long, but with regular Jade plant care. With their thick and woody stems and oval-shaped leaves, these plants have a tree-like appearance that makes them appealing and is used as decorative plants in houses. Something that makes jade plant special is their adaptability to adjust in the warm and dry conditions of the homes. However, it’s necessary to keep these plants dry in the fall or winter and watered during the spring or summer season. You may grow Jade plants outdoors or in mild areas or in dry climate too, but they still need certain care for their growth.

Jade Plant Care

Tips to Grow and Care for Jade Plant

There are some precautions while you grow jade plant.

1- Jade plants need at least four hours of direct sunlight each day. Young jade plants need to keep in light or indirect sunlight, and large plants require more sunlight. The best places to keep jade plants are the south-facing windows with enough sunlight.

2- Grow jade plants at room temperature (65° to 75°F / 18° to 24°C) for best results, but are suitable at cooler temperatures at night and in winter( 55°F / 13°C).

3- The best jade plant care Tip is to water them at a regular time interval. In the spring and summer season, when the plant is actually in the growing form, it requires more water compared to other seasons.

4- In winter and fall, jade plants may go dormant, and their growth can be slowed a little, however, in this season the plant doesn’t need much water. But, you should water it less in the spring and summer as the soil is dried out thoroughly.

5- You must try to avoid splashing water on the leaves while watering as it saves them from rotting in the humid environment.

6- You should avoid using tap water, as jade plants can be sensitive to tap water that is not filtered or distilled.

7- You need to water them more if the leaves start to shred or shrivel or if there are any brown spots on the leaves.

8- There should be less watering of the plant if it becomes squishy or waterlogged.

9- To avoid the plant from further harm, move the plants from cold windows or keep them dry.

10- Use a diluted mix of standard liquid fertilizers and feed them sparingly.

Jade Plant

Removing Pests and Diseases

You must be wondering about more steps for how to care for jade plant, but we have a further solution for this. Pets and diseases are severe threats to plants. You need to consider these threats too if you need to grow them.

1- To remove mealybugs and pests, you should use a spray bottle or wipe the insects off gently by rubbing alcohol on a paper towel or cotton swab.

2- You can keep the plant indoors if you need to remove powdery mildew.

3- The plant should be cut or started anew if it starts to bear infection.

4- To prevent excessive moisture in the soil and root rot, let the soil dry out between waterings.

5- Water the plant regularly if you need your plant to be away from shriveled or wrinkled leaves.

Jade Plant Pest Control

While it’s not that easy to handle these plants, but above jade plant care tips can help in fruitful results. To persuade a jade plant to bear flowers, you can bound it to the roots in a small pot or container and hold backwater. It is observed that the jade plants bloom better in the winter.

Usually known to bring luck and money, and prosperity, a Jade plant is worth keeping in your home. In fact, they are a perfect gift option while you are wishing to send you warm wishes to your loved ones.