How to Trim Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky bamboo plants are a delight to have at your home sweet home. As their name suggests, they bring prosperity to their surroundings. It is said and believed that lucky bamboo plant gifts make the best presents ever since they are carriers of luck and happiness. Most if not all of us imagine lucky bamboo plants as small plants in little pots. However, lucky bamboo plants can grow as long as 1.5 feet tall. This calls for trimming from time to time. Trimming helps the plant grow healthier and faster. This is why we have mentioned the steps that will help you understand how to trim lucky bamboo, how to trim lucky bamboo roots, and how to trim lucky bamboo leaves.

how to trim lucky bamboo

Step 1 - Disinfect your trimming shears

Before you move on to do anything else we would request you to take out the equipment that you will be using to trim your lucky bamboo plant. You don't have to buy anything separately if you don't want to. You can simply use a pair of scissors at your home. Before you get the pair of scissors or any other trimming equipment near your lucky bamboo plant you should clean them properly. Cleaning does not only mean a regular wash with water. You need to disinfect the pair of scissors or any other trimming equipment with the designated cleaning alcohol.

how to trim lucky bamboo

Step 2- Cut the leaves with yellow tips

While you are on your mission to trim your lucky bamboo plant the first thing that you need to take your eyes to is yellow tips. You must be wondering where you are going to find yellow tips in your lucky bamboo plant. Allow us to tell you that the tips of leaves turn yellow when they have either died or are infected. So you must carefully cut that portion of leaves with yellow tips.

Step 3- Pluck the dried leaves

Dried leaves have no business on your lucky bamboo plant. It is for this reason that you must pluck them at the earliest. Dry leaves are very easy to spot and you don't even have to use your pair of scissors or other trimming equipment to get rid of them. You can simply pluck them.

how to trim lucky bamboo

Step 4 - Cut from the top of the stems

Cutting from the top of the stems of a lucky bamboo plant is a very common procedure and we call it topping. In this process, all you have to do is cut from the top of that lucky bamboo plant including the leaves and the stems. What this does is encourage the plant to grow healthy and green stems and leaves from the top.

Step 5 - Trim the roots carefully

ometimes the roots of the lucky bamboo plant need a good trim as well. To do it successfully, look for the brown or yellow roots and cut them off. Make sure only white and light green shoots are left. Change the water of the plant after you have trimmed the roots.