Importance of Plants and Trees in Human Life

One can go on and on about the importance of plants and trees in our lives. They release oxygen, helping us breathe and provide a significant amount of food variants like fruits for us to eat, but that is just the basic. They help purify the air, provide shade, prevent soil erosion, floods, and all the textbook stuff from school, but as we have grown up, chlorophyll has taken a backseat in our minds. Trees and plants instantly cheer us up with their green hue in modern concrete jungles. The sight of flowers in bloom is what some of us plan our vacations around! Take a look at some of the reasons why we need to take these nature’s creations more seriously:

Importance of Plants and Trees

All About Aesthetics

Landscaping in modern societies and public areas is incomplete without picking the right mix of trees, flowers, and plants. Use of trees in our daily life are countless but let’s start with admiring these beautiful creations of nature. From dark green and thick-leafed Neem to the bright red flowering giants like the Gulmohar, trees never come with just one perk. Line your house’s boundary with some tall mango trees for a sweet-sweet summer or grow a bunch of rose plants in the backyard; these will take the charm of your humble abode to the next level.

Gulmohar Tree

Breaking The Monotony in Office

Succulent plants are a great gift for coworkers to cheer them up! Sure, office desks are limited in space, but these tiny miniatures of green life will make the pending paper-work stack look less horrifying. Available in different varieties of plants, you can pick a tiny cactus for a frenemy or a humble fern for the friend in need who sits across your cubicle. Easy to maintain, these do not require sunlight and can thrive well indoors. Just water them once a week, just enough to dampen the soil, and you are good to go! PS- do not forget to pick the most bright-hued pot!

Succulent Plants

Superheroes That Don’t Wear Capes

The importance of trees in our life is no secret. Designed by Mother Nature to be in perfect harmony with other species and elements, trees clear the air of harmful pollutants, prevent soil erosion to a large extent, and can survive for hundreds of years on just rainwater and sunlight. We may be privileged enough sitting in our homes and reading this over a laptop or mobile, but those who do not have roofs over their heads during scorching summers rely on the shade of these trees and their fruits for food.

Airpurifying Plants

Fully Functional

From plants like aloe vera and Indian Basil (Tulsi) that act as medicinal substitutes to parsley and thyme that add oodles of flavor to your food, some plants are handy to have in your kitchen garden. The importance of plants is no less than that of trees, for what they lack in height and strength, they make up for in variety and functionality. Also aesthetics, so colorful and pretty, right?

Useful Medicinal Plants

Pursuing a Hobby

Gardening is a great hobby if you have the time, patience, and space for it. Not only does it instill a sense of peace and remove a fair share of stress, but it also helps you have a beautiful blooming space in your home that the guests are sure to envy. For starters, you can have a small flowering plant and later add high-maintenance to care for plants in the garden. Bonsai trees are a great gift for a friend or loved one who loves to get their hands dirty in the soil.

Bonsai Plant

The complete importance of plants and trees could not be enumerated in a single article, but to summarise, they are the foundation of life on this planet, and the human race should be more woke and do their bit to save the extinguishing green flame that forms the biosphere.