Indian Summer Flowers | Summer Season Flowers in India

Summer is the best season to enjoy plants - mother nature’s gift to us. The beautiful scenery and fragrant flowers bring a refreshing aura to any space. There is a variety of Indian summer flowers that bloom from which you can take your pick. In this blog, we share the best Indian summer flowers that will keep you fresh from the scorching sun.

Indian Summer Flowers


The Marigold, also known as Calendula/Tagetes are some of the most popular flowers in India. They are mostly used for decoration and at religious festivals like Diwali. The most common colour is golden yellow. The marigold may not be a typical flower bouquet, but that does not make them a second option. The flowers are used for food colouring, medicinal purposes, and to keep pests and rodents away.

Marigold as Summer Flowers


Balsam are one of the best summer season flowers in India, that is also available throughout the year. Their blooms come in a variety of colours like violet purple, white, rose pink, and red. The plants form a shrub-like bush and produce flowers that usually grow from 20 to 60 centimetres depending on the environment.

Balsam as Summer Flowers


If you are looking for flowers that give your garden mesmerising scenery then the cosmos are some of the best Indian summer flowers to choose from. They have fragrant blooms with soft-feathery star-like flowers, which grow up to 120 centimetres. The flowers come in a variety of colour shades from white, pink rose, to mauve.

Cosmos as Summer Flowers


The gaillardia flowers bloom for more than 4 months. They come in a variety of colours like yellow and red-brown colour. The flowers grow up to 45 centimetres. If you are looking for flowers that will give your garden a refreshing sensation for a considerable time then the Gaillardia are the best option.

Gaillardia as Summer Flowers


The gomphrena flowers are easy to grow, which earns them a spot on this list for the best Indian summer flowers. There is no denying that these blooms are popular with their small-sized ball-like flowers. The flowers are available in an array of mesmerising off white, orange, and pink colours.

Gomphrena as Summer Flowers


Also known as Purslanes, Portulaca are some of the most popular flowers in India. They produce tantalizing blooms with a variety of colours ranging from rose pink, crimson, scarlet, yellow, and magenta. Fully grown Portulaca flowers reach up to 30 centimetres long.

Portulaca as Summer Flowers


If you have a spot in your garden with rocks and poor soil, the nasturtium flowers will rekindle your gardening enthusiasm. These plants thrive in rocky areas with undesirable soil. The flowers produce a nourishing scent and the blooms come in a variety of colours like maroon, orange, yellow, and scarlet.

Nasturtium as Summer Flowers


Sunflowers are quite a distinctive plant that also has a plethora of uses. They produce flowers with a bubbling black and yellow colour. What makes these flowers unique is that the blooms face the same direction.

Sunflower as Summer Flowers


Zinnia flowers are quite easy to grow and maintain If you are looking for flowers to decorate your home, then you should consider the zinnia plants. They produce flowers yellow, white, rust, brown, maroon, and red.

Zinnia as Summer Flowers

In Conclusion

Now that you know some of the best Indian summer flowers. Create your dream flower garden by ordering these blooms with online florists. And make the best impressions on your loved ones by setting flawless arrangements to send flowers to India.