7 Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

Mother’s are one of the greatest gifts God has given us. There is so much that mothers give us throughout our lives. Their tender care, affection, and never ending love have made us what we are today and there is no gift that can ever give to thank her for all her love and care. Well, Mother’s Day is just round the corner and we are sure that you are brainstorming already to find the best gift that compliments and thanks her for all the efforts she has made to shape our lives. Well, if you are looking for something expensive and valuable to give to her, believe us it is not only the expensive gifts that will win her heart but something more personalised that will always stay close to her heart. So, worry not if you are on a budget, restraints this Mother’s Day for a thoughtful and creative gift is all she needs from you. Here are some cheap Mother’s Day gifts that you can choose to give to your mother and that she will surely love.

Inexpensive Mothers Day Gifts Ideas

Customised Mug

One of the most popular personalised gifts that you can give to your mother on this special occasion. You can get a beautiful picture of your mom imprinted on the mug or a beautiful quote that expresses your unending love for her.

Customised Mothers Day Mug

Fragrant Candles

Make this Mother’s Day all about beautiful fragrances and love by giving your mom fragrant candles. With different aromas of rose, jasmine, lavender and lemongrass, these will surely make your mom feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a tiring day.

Fragrant Candles Gifts for Mothers Day


Isn’t it wonderful that plants help us in every way and also one of the most efficient Mother day gifts that you can ever have. You can choose from a variety of air purifying plants, lucky plants and also medicinal plants. Give these beautiful green plants in a quirky planter and see your mom’s face blossom with a smile.

Mothers Day Plants Gift

Customised Lamps

There are a lot of customised lamp options available and you can choose from a variety of beautiful photo lamps, heart-shaped lamps and also bottle lamps. Light up your mother’s day with this significant gift that she can keep by her bedside and will always remind her of you.

Customised Mothers Day Lamps

Customised Photo Book

We are sure that you share a lot of memories with your mother and how about putting them all together in a photo book and gifting her on Mother’s Day. Cool idea right? Well, this is also one of the cheap Mother’s day gift ideas that will stay close to your mother’s heart forever.

Customised Mothers Day Photo Book

Handmade Greeting Card

Nothing can beat a hand-crafted greeting card when it comes to impressing your mom on Mother’s Day. Play with your creativity and come up with amazing ideas that you can implement on your card. Put up beautiful pictures, write beautiful notes and surprise her with this amazing gift.

Mothers Day Handmade Greeting Card

Chocolates And Cakes

One of the most inexpensive Mother's Day gifts are chocolates and cakes. If your mother has a sweet tooth, these will prove to be the best remedy to her cravings. Chocolates and cakes make for the best combo and will fill her day with sweetness.

Mothers Day Gift Combo Chocolates and Cakes

Well, these thoughtful and loving gifts will not only bring a beautiful smile on the face of your mother but will also not burn a hole in your pocket. So, what are you waiting for, choose your pick and surprise your mother on this special day.