Win Innocent Hearts with Top 10 Kids Favorite Cartoon Rakhis

“Phoolon ka taaron ka sabka kehna hai,
Ek Hazaroan mei meri behena hai.
Saari Umar, Humein sang rehna hai…”

This iconic Bollywood song quite evidently talks about the ideal kind of brother-sister relationship. The motto of eternal love and happiness amongst siblings is exactly what makes Raksha Bandhan so special. But what about your Lil brother who can’t relate to this song but relates to his favourite bunch of cartoon characters? How would you attempt to make him fall in love with traditional Rakhi festivities? This is precisely what cartoon rakhis does! Cartoon rakhi for kids is designed in a manner to help your Lil brother to celebrate Rakhi in a fun manner which seems relatable to his age group of people. From cutesy Doraemon rakhi to Chota Bheem rakhis, to be the best sister in your Lil bro’s eyes you can look for the perfect kids rakhi online or offline at some gift store. These are some popular kids that your Lil brother secretly wishes to be treated over. Take leads from here!

Kids Favorite Cartoon Rakhis

1. Doraemon Rakhi

Topping the list of favourite cartoon rakhis would undoubtedly have to be a Doraemon rakhi. A Japanese Udta Robot is currently close to every child’s heart. So, your Lil brother is no different! If he is a die-hard fan of this blue robotic helpful cat who stays with Nobis Family, then this Rakhi will leave him in awe of you as you celebrate Rakhi over this special Raksha Bandhan cartoon.

Doraemon Rakhi

2. Chota Bheem Rakhi

His braveness and intelligence are the two qualities that every Lil Indian boy admires. He is none other than Chota Bheem. After solving many problems and fighting the evils of Dholakpur, everyone’s favourite Chota Bheem comes in beautiful silicon rakhis to grace the special occasion of Rakhi. So, without any second thoughts go ahead and gift a Chota Bheem Rakhi to your Lil Bro. Trust us; he is going to love it!

Chota Bheem Rakhi

3. Superhero Rakhi

This rakhi, ask your Lil brother - if you could choose a superpower, what would it be? Would it be like superman possessing the powers of flight and strength? Or would it be like that of Batman’s or Spiderman? Let him know, be it whatever, you love the way, he is and that he is your Lil superhero by tying an uber-cool superhero rakhi. As rakhi is about a brother promising to save his sister, nothing like a superhero will be fitting to mark this special festival.

Superhero Rakhi

4. Ben10 Rakhi

Transform, fight, and win. If your Lil brother is a fan of the famous character who has been blessed with the power to modify his genetic code to turn into various alien creatures, then he deserves to celebrate Rakhi along with this dear friend BEN10(coming as a rakhi). Bring his favourite Ben10 closer than ever by gifting him a BEN10 rakhi.

Ben10 Rakhi

5. Little Krishna Rakhi

Most of the person would not quite know that either Lord Krishna or Lord Ganesha is worshipped on the day of Raksha Bandhan, which makes something like this rakhi suiting the occasion. A little Krishna rakhi has got both a traditional as well as an animated appeal which makes it perfect for celebrating Rakhi.

Little Krishna Rakhi

6. Motu- Patlu Rakhi

If you and your brother are no less than best friends, just like Motu-Patlu, then treat your Lil bestie over a Motu-Patlu rakhi. As Motu’s silly actions create troubles, they both together sort things out and even help their friends. Quite like the bond shared by you both? Having each other’s back, no matter what happens. This is what will make a Motu-Patlu Rakhi so close to your brother’s heart.

Motu- Patlu Rakhi

7. Angry Birds Rakhi

Initially rose to fame due to a casual puzzle video game, angry bird is an inspiration to all its little friends as they encourage to be fearless. So pass an angry bird's rakhi, this Raksha Bandhan to your Lil bro urging him to fight the demons, inside-out, like a warrior.

Angry Birds Rakhi

8. Kung Fu Panda Rakhi

A Kung Fu Panda rakhi will make a perfect token of your love. If your brother loves Po and you love him to the core, then make this rakhi, extra special for him over this Kung Fu Panda Rakhi. His jaw will inevitably drop out of your surprising gesture, for sure.

Kung Fu Panda Rakhi

9. Mickey Mouse Rakhi

If your Lil sunshine keeps murmuring “Miska Moska Mickey Mouse” or humming to the theme song of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series, then we bet a mickey mouse rakhi is what will please him to the core. Not just him, but everyone has been a fan of this cartoon mouse-like character and his friends for like ages now. So, keep your pamperings on by passing a lovely mickey mouse rakhi.

Mickey Mouse Rakhi

10. Minion Rakhi

“Bello” “Poopaye” “Me Want Banana” “Muak Muak Muak” No this is not gibberish rather Minion’s cute language called Minionese or Banana language. If your munchkin is talking in this language, then you don’t have to take him to a doctor. Rather, bring him a minion rakhi.

Minion Rakhi

So, these were the top 10 kids favourite cartoon rakhis that your boy will surely like to celebrate this festival over. He will genuinely love to flaunt your love in the form of these rakhis, even when the festivities are over. So, make sure to start your rakhi shopping sooner as these kinds of rakhis are quite trending, these days. And you surely don’t wish to miss out on an opportunity to treat your Lil brother over something he genuinely likes! So, hurry up!