Here Are A Few Kinds of Rakhis That Would Define Divinity

“Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.”

Most of the time, he would discard your incessant religious talks as being completely nuisance. But as the festive season of Raksha Bandhan soon approaches, you will be seeing him dressed up in a whole new avatar. Dressed in his traditional yet trendy kurta pyjamas on the morning of Rakhi, after taking a bath to indulge in the festivities. He would seem like a whole new person, altogether. One couldn’t believe that he was the annoying brother with whom every sister had got involved in a remote fight. God bless the kind souls of those people who came up with the idea of Indian festivals like Raksha Bandhan.

But, let this year let the good Rakhi times again rollover an additional dose of divinity. Raksha Bandhan is knocking at our doors, sooner than we would have expected. So, it becomes quite evident that everyone must gear up with their Rakhi shopping. As every year there is a trending rakhi design which seems to be the dream of every brother. Every brother loves to be wished a happy and a prosperous rakhi over. This year, divine rakhis for brother have replaced other popular kinds of rakhis to celebrate Rakhi with great fervour and heightened spirits.

Sisters are interested to try out some divine rakhi designs as it is said to bring blessings of almighty to their brothers as their brothers promise her safety from all kind of troublesome situations. Every sister prays for her brother’s good health, happiness, and prosperity and when it is done over a divine rakhi, it is sure to bring some positive outcome, for sure. Marking the loving bond of a brother-sister duo, here are some of the latest divine rakhis that have made it to everyone’s list. You can take leads from this blog and start your divine rakhi online or offline shopping, right away.

1. Rudraksha Rakhi

As per mythology and folklores are concerned, Rudraksha is said to be the teardrop of Lord Shiva which makes it the very essence of pious Rakhi festivities. It also acts like a constant source of luck, prosperity, health, and financial gains. Hence, wearing a Rudraksha rakhi casts the traditional festive vibes and stabilises the mind, body and soul of your brother.

Rudraksha Rakhi

2. Evil Eye Rakhi

Heard of a “Nazar battu”? Well, this is a captivating Nazar battu rakhi, popularly referred to as evil eye rakhi. The bewitching blue eye is said to curse all those who wanted bad or misfortune/injury for your brother and in return safeguards him. As rakhi is also being tied on a brother’s wrist keeping in mind more or less the same purpose, it becomes perfect to treat him over an evil eye rakhi.

Evil Eye Rakhi

3. Om Rakhi

One of the most popular spiritual symbols as per Hinduism is OM. From connecting people with its chakras, an OM rakhi when tied on brother’s wrist showers the blessings of Lord Shiva and blesses him with the strength and positivity, he will be needing to fight the demons for her sister’s safety.

Om Rakhi

4. Swastika Rakhi

The word “swastika” comes from the Sanskrit word svástika, meaning 'conducive to well being' or 'auspicious'. A swastika symbolises good fortune, prosperity, abundance and eternity, which are the exact qualities every Indian sister wants to bless her brother with. So, this is why a swastika rakhi is chosen to add a perfect dash of divinity and spirituality in modernistic Rakhi festivities.

Swastika Rakhi

5. Ek Onkar Rakhi

After talking about two of the most popular divine rakhi made of Hindu spiritual symbols, it’s time to talk about imbibing Sikh’s Mul Mantra “Ik Onkar'' in sacred rakhi. The opening words of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the central tenet of Sikhism meaning “One with Everything" is quite in trends these days. So, this Raksha Bandhan help your brother seek Waheguruji’s blessings as he pledges to keep you safe from every trouble.

Ek Onkar Rakhi

6. Mauli Rakhi

Being made of holy red and yellow threads which are widely used to tie across various Indian religious festivals, a Mauli Rakhi is also said to protect them from diseases, enemies, and other harms. So, bless your brother with sheer good luck by tying a Mauli Rakhi, this year, in place of rakhi of any other kind. Trust us, he will surely love the traditional yet chic appeal of a Mauli rakhi.

Mauli Rakhi

7. Lord Krishna Rakhi

Lord Krishna is the God of love and the festival of Rakhi revolves around brotherly love, which is what makes this kind of divine rakhi an absolute favourite. The 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu doesn’t just come as a designer embellished rakhi but also as a cutesy Lil Krishna cartoon rakhi, which makes it perfect for brothers of all age groups. May Lord Krishna’s blessings always be with him, with this prayer in mind tie him a divine Krishna rakhi, this year.

Lord Krishna Rakhi

8. Lord Ganesha Rakhi

Vignaharta is he who removes obstacles from any work and also marks the new beginning in life. And Lord Ganesha coming in a rakhi will positively help your brother to overcome any trouble and will help him walk on the path of righteousness.

Lord Ganesha Rakhi

So, these were a few of our handpicked divine rakhis that are evergreen and trending since ages.