A Letter from A Sister to Sister on Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan-- the festival revering the bond of love, trust, friendship that exists between siblings. To celebrate the festivities abiding by the age-old customs and rituals, for this day, sisters buy the thread of protection (Rakhi) for their brothers while brothers shop for rakhi gifts for sister.

But, sisters who are blessed with sisters as siblings, beg to differ! They defy the Rakhi traditions by tying Lumba rakhi to their saviour, protection, and their bestest friend for life--sister. My story is no different. I believe a protector need not be a brother because my knight in the shining armour and the guardian angel is a sister.

Since my birth, I have been breaking Rakhi stereotypes by gracing my sister’s hand with beautiful rakhi because she is my brother! And, in return, she has been pampering me like any brother.

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Letter from A Sister to Sister on Raksha Bandhan

So, this year, I am writing a letter to sister on Rakhi, for conveying all that I haven't expressed to her in years. For saying Thank You to all what she has done for me. To let her know that she is the greatest gift that my heart ever knows.

Dear Didi!

Our mother gave birth to me, but you raised me like a second mommy-- being happy in my small endeavours and correcting me at every point of life, your hand was always there on my head. Whenever I kept secrets from our mother, your motherly soul would always come to know the deeply buried secrets. I still wonder, How? But, I am profoundly grateful for all the times you saved me from the scoldings of our mother by pulling my ear, advising me, and making me promise I wouldn’t repeat the same because If I do, you will tell ma! Your guidance, words of wisdom has been the beacon of light that illuminated my life, and I couldn’t Thank You enough for it.

Over this letter to sister on Raksha Bandhan, I would like to Thank You for a zillion things that I haven’t till now. Thank you for not only sharing your toys, clothes, and belongings with me, but for being a part of my sorrows, downfalls, and days of darkness. At times, you were not with me in my happy times, but you were always there with me in my lows. Even though we are separated by boundaries, you are just a call away when I need you. Thank You for wiping my tears and making me smile as a friend does. Thank You for saving me from the FONB (fear of not having a brother). It never crossed my mind that I had a sister and not a brother because you essayed that role with much devotion. From teasing me to remote fights to annoying me with little things to telling me tera Bhai dekh lega (bro is universal) in you, I found a naughty, supportive, loving brother as well. I can write lengths about how obliged I feel to have a sister who is my brother and mother, both. Thank You, Bhagwanji and Mumma for such a precious gift.

Lastly, Dida, Whatever, I am today it is all because of your love, pampering, and scolding. You have been the perfect sister everyone wishes to have; I was just a bit Lucky! From childhood to teenage years to adolescence to today when we are apart from each other in different countries; we have laughed, cried, fought, and have made many memories. All memories and moments are beautiful because they had you with me. Your love gave me the strength to break the rakhi stereotypes of tying a rakhi thread to a brother. Because, you are my sister, brother, and everything.

Love you beyond words.

Much love,
Your younger sister.

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