Find Out The Romantic Lockdown Birthday Ideas For Husband

With another year of lockdown, birthdays no longer mean large gatherings, night outs at pubs or International trips. Well, it is a sad piece of news, but not the bad one. You can still celebrate birthdays with lots of love, booze, gifts, and of course, cake! Here are some romantic lockdown birthday ideas that you can execute for your husband’s upcoming birthday.

Find Out The Romantic Lockdown Birthday Ideas For Husband

1. Deck the Hall

Home celebrations doesn’t mean you have to go all dull and simple. A lit bit of sparkle is appreciated by everyone. Moreover, decorations keep the ambience lively and spirit high. Because it's for your husband, it has to be romantic. First things first, get balloons. Heart-shaped balloons would be perfect. If possible, you can hire someone for balloon decorations. Balloon arches, ceilings covered with balloons, balloon bouquets, and so many ways to use balloons as decorations. Light in some candles and rose petals; it won’t hurt either. Another idea is to go with paper heart decorations, and flowers are also ideal. You can mix and match to create a dreamy decor.

Deck the Hall

2. Dine and Wine

Birthday is one good excuse to have a seven-course meal. Treat your husband to the best and witness a beautiful smile adorn his face. Make all his favourite dishes and do not forget to have a bottle of wine or champagne. For the romantic vibes, just like you see in the movies, you can dim the lights and put on some soft lights, like yellow. Properly decorate the table with cloth runners, place out the plates with cutlery.

Dine and Wine

3. Midnight Cake Cutting

Talking about birthdays and missing upon the cake would be a sin. Midnight cake cutting celebrations are romantic. Buy birthday cake online with midnight delivery to surprise your dear husband. Go for a heart-shaped or personalised cake to evoke romantic feelings. To make the moment more lovely, share a piece of birthday cake.

Midnight Cake Cutting

4. Gift Giving

You can make gift-giving a bit more fun for your husband. You can ask him to solve hints, and upon success, you can present him with the gift. (Make it flirty and kinky). A treasure hunt would be an excellent idea with clues pasted all over the house. Hide the gift inside his closet, and paste sticky notes on the cupboard with love messages. He will blush just like a teenage boy in love. You can order a birthday gift for husband online to keep it a secret from him, and also you will get some great ideas.

 Gift Giving

5. Raise a Toast

Say cheers to good times! In the evening, you can share an intimate moment with your husband. Arrange for snacks and champagne. Prepare a romantic playlist. Put on soft music in the background while you and your husband drink and wink at each other. Dance on the love tunes if your partner agrees to it.

Raise a Toast

6. Keep it Simple Yet Romantic

Romantic doesn’t have to be elaborate. You can keep things simple yet lovely. Like, make your partner the centre of attention and indulge in all activities that he likes; one or two may be romantic. Spoil him with indulgences like exotic treats in bed, a spa day at home. Make all his desires come true on this day.

Keep it Simple Yet Romantic

I hope you have got enough ideas to make the lockdown birthday of your husband truly romantic and memorable.