Low Maintenance Care Indoor Plants for Air Purification

The endless list of benefits plants tend to take care of on behalf of us makes them an incredible life species. We couldn’t possibly be more grateful for their creation. Among the different innate properties that these beautiful plants bless us with, their air-purifying properties are what most people look forward to as the reason to be investing in more of them. And why not, would it be wanted by us, right, artificial air purifiers are going to cost so much more than some of the green tokens of love and care. You can easily find some of the most beautiful air purifier plants online as well as offline at some known florist’s stores. These plants cleanse out all VOCs from the air we breathe. But what makes us buy plants a second thought is - who is going to nurture/ take care of these plants when we go on a weeklong trip or when we are always in the rush to be on the go? What if still then we told you that you can get some plants? Yes, some of the air purifying plants even make it to the list of low maintenance plants indoor. You can definitely go ahead and choose to bring them home. But before that check our handpicked list of the best low care indoor plants that are known for their air purification qualities.

Low Maintenance Care Indoor Plants for Air Purification

1. Spider Plant -

You are sure to spot this green beauty while online plant shopping over any reputed website. Yes, it is that common and loved by plant lovers. Spider plants are a great choice for forgetful people who are looking for some indoor natural air purifiers. This plant further shoots with flowers that grow out of spiderettes.

Spider Plant

2. Dracaena -

Over 40 different pieces of the Dracaena plant are available. It makes a perfect home or office plant. Pet owners might need to rethink their decision of bringing this plant home as it is toxic to pets, especially cats and dogs. Unlike many other plants, this beauty likes to be misted rather than watered.


3. Garden Mum -

One of the most beautiful flowering air-purifying plants in the world, garden mum are sure to even add their charm to your home decor. They might sometimes require deadheading and love a cool spot with less than 110 hours of sunlight. They are highly at frost risk, hence plant them in the spring season to avoid the danger of frost.

Garden Mum

4. Ficus -

Native to the lands of Southeast Asia and parts of Australia, ficus or weeping fig plant is quite a hardy plant that grows upto 10 feet sometimes. It loves bright indirect sunlight and the soil needs to dry out between waterings. When the temperature increases, take this plant outside to spruce your outdoors up.


5. Boston Fern -

This air purifying plant loves clean air itself along with a cool location to grow up to its fullest potential. High humidity and indirect sunlight are two prerequisites. These kinds of plants don’t stay moist and are relatively easy to grow. Water checks need to be carried out daily and a good soak per month needs to be provided.

Boston Fern

6. Peace Lily -

Being a symbol of the harbinger of peace, A Peace Lily Plant makes a great air-purifying plant with ornamental properties. These plants are perfect for small places. Peace lily plants love shady spots and tend to keep their soil moist without watering. Children and pets should be kept at a distance from this plant.

Peace Lily

7. Snake Plant -

Here come the hardest houseplants! This plant prefers drier conditions for its growth purpose hence it can do well in occasional watering. The Snake Plant is a well known tolerant plant as it can tolerate any level of sunlight, making it easy to place at any corner of the house.

Snake Plant

8. Aloe Vera -

Aloe Vera plant is considered to be a super plant for its long list of health benefits. This plant will take care of all your health needs other than blessing you with a fresh blanket of air when placed in the kitchen window. It is known to remove formaldehyde from the air we breathe.

Aloe Vera

9. Bamboo Palm -

Bamboo palms thrive in full sun or bright sun. They add a ton of greens and reach upto a height of 12 feet. They are slow-growing plants. And requires repotting in a larger container after 3 years or so.

Bamboo Palm

10. English Ivy -

This air purifying plant is a perennial one. It even goes by the name woody vine. It cleanses most of the airborne toxins including formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and toluene from the air.

English Ivy