Lucky Plants for Study Table

Plants are great to have in your bedroom, especially on your computer desk and study table. Not only do they clean the air through photosynthesis, they also have many other natural qualities that can improve your overall livelihood. And not to mention, many plants for study table are big good luck influencers. Placing a well suited plant on your study table can greatly enhance your luck. You will also gain a sense of responsibility by keeping these luck inducing study table plants nice and healthy.

Lucky plants for study table

Indoor plants for study table to enhance luck

Growing plants indoors is one of the best ways to beautify the interior of your abode. These small plants for study table are planted on garden planters or just simple pots, giving your home a pleasant feel and creating a relaxing environment which in turn influences your luck. And to channelise good luck and positivity in your surroundings, there are certain plants according to the laws of Feng Shui that work wonders!

plants for study table

House plants to keep on study table

One of the things that you may be thinking about while getting lucky plants for study table is whether keeping them indoors for prolonged duration will stunt their growth. Lucky for you, you do not really need direct sunlight to grow all indoor houseplants. There are certain plant varieties that grow well in low light with minimal tending requirements and spread good vibes all around.

plants for study table

What are the traits of an easy to grow indoor plant that showers everyone with goodluck?

Low maintenance

These plants can stand neglect if sometimes you forget to water them.

Tolerates dry air

Study table tops stay in dry air conditioned rooms or rooms that get used a lot. Tough and sturdy plants thus can survive in such an environment.

Tolerates low light

Placing them in an area where light is rich will make them grow better. Requires less pruning and doesn't require special care.

plants for study table

Now that you are well aware of the plant traits that you need to look out for while picking out a suitable good luck plant for your study table top, here is a list of Feng Shui channeling plants that are easy to tend and grow indoors on table tops:

Snake Plant / Mother in Law's Tongue -

This plant tolerates low light pretty well. It needs little watering during the warmer season and during winters it hardly needs any watering at all. This plant is known for the positive aura that it creates in its surroundings and removes toxins at home. Many scientists believe that this succulent in fact helps in enhancing work performance by helping individuals focus better.

Peace Lily -

This elegant plant does not require too much sun. It grows well with artificial light making it the perfect study companion. Exposing this plant to too much sunlight can cause its leaves to turn yellowish so indoors are the perfect place for them! This plant also is a positivity generator and thus are great luck influencers.

Chinese Evergreen -

This lucky plant tolerates low light conditions. It also is widely known in the Feng Shui laws to induce positivity near its surroundings. The soil for this plant must be well drained before the next watering session as these succulents are sensitive to over watering.

Bamboo Plant or Sticks -

This beautiful plant grows well in filtered light and can stand with less humidity. It does not require regular draining and watering. In fact these plants are the first pick when it comes to good luck and positivity. This top 1 choice in Feng Shui states bamboos are holy and the aura that they radiate will not only influence your luck but also guide you spiritually to take or make the right decisions, which further benefits your luck. The best part about this plant happens to be its willingness to thrive in both water and soil. You may plant them in soil and continue watering or place them in a water pot via hydroponics and change the water periodically.

Cast Iron Plant -

As the name suggests, this plant thrives even under worst conditions, another analogy of how we must thrive even when life gets tough. It tolerates deep shades. This plant can live for the longest time possible even with neglect. This sturdy plant is great at bringing peace and goodness all around.

Spider Plant -

You will be thrilled to learn that there is a direct connection between plants that shower you with luck and the plants that are beneficial for your health. Spider plants are no exception to this rule. Known for rejuvenating your chakras, this plant does a great job in removing formaldehyde from your study room surroundings. It grows well with regular watering and draining. But, water minimally as they are prone to drying up.

Golden Pothos -

Hands down, the best plant for study table. Other than spreading positivity in its surroundings, this plant is also very good at removing formaldehyde, thus, benefiting your health. It is the easiest plant to grow as well as it is the hardest plant to kill. This plant will look its best when pruned or else it will trail up to 10 feet tall. Soil must be dried out before watering. Like bamboo plants, money plants can also be kept in a water pot with periodic changes to the existing water.