Meaning Of White Roses

White Roses are a symbol of purity of a new relationship and are also a common feature on weddings and known as bridal roses. With so many occasions and white rose gestures, it would make sense to know the meaning of white roses They gained their popularity in 1840 when Queen Victoria walked on the aisle holding a bunch of white roses. The theme of the wedding and the decor was dominated by white roses and this marked the beginning of the white rose tradition.

Meaning Of White Roses

In the olden days, white roses were ideal for gifting between partners when their relationship begins to get more and more serious. So gifting your loved one with a bouquet of white roses would build a foundation and red roses will consummate the association. So white roses fit the criteria for weddings well as they stand for honest and true love for one another.

In the Victorian era, sending a bunch of fresh white roses signalled interest and made a great gesture for proposal. So gifting your loved one with a bouquet of fresh whites on your first date, your wedding day, anniversary, or any other day you just wish to surprise your loved one would go a long way than you imagined. And here in India, white roses are quite a popular feature that they make up most of the flower delivery in Bangalore as with many other cities in the country.

The Significance of White Flowers

White roses are regarded as flowers that symbolise unity and virtue between a couple getting married and are a great way to give recognition to a relationship. Though they can be tied to relationships and weddings, white roses can also be gifted to anyone on any occasion. They are one of the most versatile flowers that don’t communicate any mixed feelings and emotions. They just represent admiration and honour, you will likely see them making their way to boardrooms on meetings and even warm welcomes to guests. White roses are also ideal for any form of gifting like at a baby shower, graduation party, and even to comfort your loved ones at funerals.

Their white and bright colour breathes hope and light into someone’s life, so if you have your family or friends going through a difficult time in life consider sending them a bouquet of white roses wherever they are.

When is the right time to Gift a White Roses?

The truth is there is no actual and ideal time to gift someone with a bouquet of fresh white roses. You can gift these beautiful white blooms to your wife or husband on your anniversary, and even on Valentines Day (together with red roses). You can also send your loved one in the hospital a bouquet of white roses to help give them hope. They also are a great way to express your deepest feelings and emotions when you present them to your grieving loved ones.

To thank your parents, teachers, and mentors for their efforts in shaping your life, you can gift them with a bouquet of white roses when you accomplish something they will be happy with.