15 Meaningful Gifts For Mom from Daughter

A mom and her daughter share a very unique and beautiful relationship. If you are looking for meaningful tokens to appreciate and pamper her on special occasions or maybe just like that, this is your place!

We have meticulously planned and curated a list of meaningful gifts for mom from daughter. Whether your mom is a fashionista, a great chef, fitness enthusiast, working professional or a doting homemaker, this list has got something for every mother.

Meaningful Gifts For Mom from Daughter

1. Stress-Relief Kit

Makeup for all the stress and sleepless nights she endures to take care of you with a stress-relief kit. The stress-relief kit is composed of essential oils, face mask, journals, dark chocolates, and more that will help her unwind and drift off into relaxing sleep.

Stress-Relief Kit

2. Handbags

You can never go wrong with handbags! A branded ladies handbags in her favorite colour or a personalised handbag is the best choice for every mom out there.


2. Forever Roses

If there is anything more beautiful than a rose, it’s forever roses. Forever roses are Ecuadorian flowers cultivated and preserved to last for at least a year or more.

Forever Roses

4. Smartphone Vase

A vase full of flowers may be expected. But, what’s unexpected and sweet is a vase that can hold her smartphone. This is one of the meaningful gifts for daughter as well. So, mothers take cues!

Smartphone Vase

5. Self-Meditation Book

Don’t let her self-medicate, make her do self-meditate. Give her a self-meditation book so that she can take good care of herself, even when you are not around.

Self-Meditation Book

6. Potted Beauties

Let Love Grow! Brighten up her day by giving a potted plant--air-purifying, succulent, Feng Shui, medicinal; there are innumerable choices. Make the plant more appealing by personalising the vase or going for creative vases.

Potted Beauties

7. MakeUp Kit

Flatter her by giving a gift that would accentuate her beauty-- a makeup kit. Add all the essential makeup products--eyeshadow palette, lipsticks, primer, blusher, eyeliner, nail paints, bindi and a small makeup pouch. The perfect gifts for mom.

MakeUp Kit

8. Cookbook

We know she is a great cook. A handy-cookbook of different cuisines is what your master chef mother needs so that she can pamper her family with tasty dishes from the world.


9. What I Love About Mom

You love her the way she cares for you, for all the tasty meals, endless pamperings, guiding you at every step… and 1000 more reasons. Fill all these in a book and hand it over to her.

What I Love About Mom

10. Jewellery

She must be bored with those gold studs. Fine, delicate pieces like charm bracelets, engraved bangles, diamond earrings, birthstone pendant or any other semi-precious jewellery is a nice upgrade. Make her unignorable!


11. Mini-travel Iron

If your mom is a regular traveller, she will appreciate receiving a mini iron and will love to have it in her luggage.

Mini-travel Iron

12. Coffee or Tea Subscription

Is she a coffee lover or tea drinker? Make her mornings and evenings merrier with a coffee or tea subscription; whatever is her choice. Go for a variety of flavours.

Coffee or Tea Subscription

13. Trinket Dish

Give her a gift to keep her valuables, jewellery, keys, and candies, a Trinket Dish. Get creative with designs, patterns, shapes, and sizes.

Trinket Dish

14. Fitness Tracker

A sleek and stylish health watch to let her track sleep, steps, heart rate and calories. Instead of the dull black and white, play with colours.

Fitness Tracker

15. Heart Snapshot

Print her favourite shots and get it framed into a heart-shaped collage to bring her happy tears. You can also write notes under each snapshot.

Heart Snapshot

Which one would you gift her?