Top 10 Miniature (Dwarf) Plants In India

There are so many things and aspects of our beautiful, giving Nature to forward to and to learn from. Our hearts get filled with immense joy and gratefulness when we know the surprising variety of flora that has been created by God. Not just these beautiful plants differ in their physical features but also in its blissful innate properties. Some are known to have excellent air purifying plants, whereas some others are known for their Feng Shui/Vaastu properties. Some have been blessed with beautiful patterns over their leaves, while others leaves are not green in but red or yellow, to speak of. Absolutely astonishing! Talking of the astonishing features, we have to talk about miniature plants or dwarf plants. Yes, something like these plants also exists, just the way dwarves existed in the Snow White fairytale. Often in a miniature garden, you would spot genetically mini-plants which are slow-growing and often belong to the ornamental plants’ category. Don’t mistakenly assume these dwarf trees to be synonymous with bonsai. These are not grafted in and as miniature trees, but rather this plant species, in particular, are mini in its size. Let’s help you identify some of the top 10 miniatures aka dwarf plants in India which are widely popular.

Miniature Plants In India

1. Mini Fern

These miniature fern plants does well in bright indirect sunlight and with watering once a week. They are versatile enough to fit any kind of home decor and can even be grown as fillers in dish gardens and terrariums.

Mini Fern

2. Mini Jade

The green fleshy, glossy round shaped leaf plant, which is known for symbolizing harmony and balance has its own mini version. This succulent species of plant is known for being an absolute darling as it requires low care.

Mini Jade

3. Mini Aloe

Aloe veras are super plant as they are used as an effective beauty product as well as a cure to many ailments. Having a mini Aloe vera plant can beautify your home sweet home as well as oozes out happiness and its innate beneficial properties.

Mini Aloe

4. Aralia Dwarf

At first look, dwarf Aralias might resemble coriander or parsley plant, but they are so different. Known as polyscias, these mini plants do well in partial sunlight when placed near a window.

Aralia Dwarf

5. Peperomia

One such ornamental plant which doesn’t look amazing but also is excellent for gifting. Its heart-shaped leaves to its glossiness and attractive detailing, everything about this mini plant makes everyone a fan of it.


6. Baby’s Tears

Resembling our teardrops, this mini plant is absolutely delightful in its appeal with its tiny green crumpled leaves branching out of a long one. Baby’s tears plant loves moisture and could be classified as a tender creeper plant.

Baby’s Tears

7. Mini Cactus

Mini cacti like Opuntia or mammillaria are great to add its charm to Indian households. Not only these miniature cacti look great but also require nominal care, which makes it even better.

Mini Cactus

8. Mini Cape Jasmine

Also known as Mini Tagar plant, this mini flowering plant grows all year round and blooms out white flowers. These plants even have their non-flowering mini versions. They can be used to decorate your gardens as well as indoors.

Mini Cape Jasmine

9. Ixora Dwarf

One of the most cherished or widely popular miniature plants are Ixora Dwarf plants. They bloom orange, red or yellow flowers and can be easily grown indoors as well outdoors.

Ixora Dwarf

10. Mini Syngonium

Syngonium is known for its natural pattern or detailing that has been done over its leaves. They are quite widely spotted in bottle gardens and closed terrariums.

Mini Syngonium

11. Miniature Ivy

Having a bronze texture, oak-like leaves, and elongated wiry stems, miniature ivy makes a perfect choice of miniature plant for your garden. They look great while growing on the trellis and they are known for their flexibility. Its stem appears to touch the ground, when grown in soil as a groundcover. It prefers to stay moist most of the time when placed in a terrarium.

Miniature Ivy

12. Bugleweed

Bugleweed plant also goes by the name Ajuga or Dixie Chip. It is one of the most popular species of miniature flowering plants. Its dwarf variety can easily be grown in small spaces, border fronts, foundations and containers, path edgings and rock gardens. It makes a fantastic addition for your shade garden.


13. Variegated Boxleaf Euonymus

To make your miniature garden stand out of the crowd, make an addition of this green beauty. It's dark contrast of green leaves creates a perfect low hedge which requires minimal trimming. Having white margins on its glossy green leaves makes it an ideal choice of miniature plants or miniature green shrubs. It tolerates heat and poor quality of soil at times.

Variegated Boxleaf Euonymus

14. Lemon Cypress

If you are looking for a mini tree-like addition to your miniature garden or landscapes, then lemon cypress would be a great choice indeed. It is an evergreen foliage which has bright lime green colour leaves which on receiving some sunlight it turns yellow. You can give these trees a Christmas tree-like look by trimming it properly. While trimming it, you would be able to smell its lemony fragrance which is why its name - lemon cypress.

Lemon Cypress

15. Creeping Wire Vine - Muehlenbeckia axillaris

Wiry stems which are coated with rounded leaves, this green foliage makes a great bushy plant. Easy to grow in sun, shade as well as indoors that has good lighting. They also make good choice of plant for wild gardens, woodland, etc.

Creeping Wire Vine - Muehlenbeckia axillaris

So, get these cutesy miniature plants in your gardens/ homes, right away to beautify each and every dull corner with their innate charm.