Modern Unsanskari Karwa Chauth

Kripya Dhyan De! Yeh Blog Kewal (Un)Sanskari Log Hi Padhein

Oh! The glorious and sanskari Karwa Chauth is around the corner. That auspicious festival in which married women across India get dolled up in extravagantly glowy outfits and observe a day-long fast for the eternal wellbeing and lifelong security of their husband's life. Whether it’s their first Karwa Chauth or 50th, women religiously wait for this festival and celebrate it with the utmost respect and ebullient. Where on this earth do women get the energy to sustain through a day without sipping a drop of water and with a smile of a beautiful bride? (shayad ise kehte hai, pati ke pyaar ki taqat).

Glorious and Sanskari Karwa Chauth

Well, we salute our brave dainty women. But, with the evolution of time, Karwa Chauth has undergone an unsanskari makeover. Yes, you read that right, come have a look at the same-

1. Parvati Bani Pooh

The Karwa Chauth norms have been redefined. Finally, the bahus have unveiled their long veil.

Parvati Bani Pooh

2. Sexy Twist To Sati-Savitri

Say goodbye to cakey makeup and hello to natural glow by indulging in self-pampering. This Karwa Chauth spellbound the moon with your radiance.

Sexy Twist To Sati-Savitri

3. Karwa Chauth ki Kahani Youtube Ki Zubani

If the Katha aunty(that narrates the Karwa Chauth Katha) ditches you at the last moment, fret not! You have all-time reliable Youtube.

Karwa Chauth ki Kahani Youtube Ki Zubani

4. Phulo Phalo To Scroll Karo

Anything that has the guts to replace your Maa is one and only ‘meme’ because ab hum sabke pass meme hai.

Phulo Phalo To Scroll Karo

5. Mehenga Padega Tujhko Pyaar Sajna

Long gone are the days when cash as a gift could make up for a lot of things. Times are changing, it’s diamonds that have come into the picture.

Mehenga Padega Tujhko Pyaar Sajna