Modern Touch To Photo Frames To Leave Loved Ones Teary-Eyed

The question is - What is the purpose of clicking a photo if not getting it framed to flaunt your love for someone special?

Gone are the days when regular gifts were gifted across various special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and on friendship day. Nowadays, personalised gifts seemed to have made way to everyone’s heart with its distinct appeal and versatility. From lovely personalised photo frame, cushions, mug and night lamp, among many other such gift options, these gifts have been etched with heartfelt messages of the sender. The thoughtfulness of the sender is what makes these personalised gifts so special. But one of the classics in the world of gifting trends is a photo frame. While some like to explore their creative side by trying out some exciting photo frame ideas, while some others buy such edgy photo frame gift ideas over some online/offline gift store. Here are a few such photo frames ideas that are perfect to be gifted to the best of your friends and family members. Make sure to win their heart by conveying the innermost thought/feeling of the soul to them. Let them know what they mean to you!

Modern Photo Frame Gift Ideas

1. Rotating Photo Frame

Let pictures narrate you and your favourite person’s story through a magical rotating photo frame. Why magical? Simply because the kind of appeal it has over the receiver. When something like this is gifted, it will be eternally treasured.

Rotating Photo Frame

2. Hanging Wall Photo Frame

Now, you can absolutely flaunt your Picasso side by making this on your own. If not, then you can easily find it over some online gift store, as well.

To DIY a hanging wall photo frame, you will need the following:

- wooden clips
- nail polish (different colour)
- a pair of scissors
- cutter
- adhesive
- ruler marker
- coloured thin cardboard
- coloured paper
- yarn/rope

1. Take cardboard of cut out rectangular frame-like structure, fighting the photographs you intend to affix.
2. Cut a few stripes of 3 cm width and 2 more of 0.5 cm width.
3. Now, cut out coloured paper strips to cover the border and the edges of the frame.
4. You can decorate the border with ruler markers and colourful nail polishes.
5. Further, make as many frames as you wish to hang in the string.
6. Once done making all the frames, you can take a yarn/rope to hang it against the wall. You can make a small hole on the top of the frame and can pass the yarn/rope through it. Or can simply clip it with some colourful drying clothes clips.

Hanging Wall Photo Frame

3. Explosion Box As A Photo Frame

If you have to please someone dear, then give photo explosion boxes, a try. Handcrafted in love, these explosion boxes are the newest fad of the gifting industry. Just like the hanging wall photo frame, it can also be DIY-ed. Collect all the golden memories and store it in a box and pass it on to gift something exceptional, out-of-the-box. Adding a bit more of wowness, you can even write some personal messages for the receiver to finally say the unsaid.

Explosion Box As A Photo Frame

4. Folding Wooden Frame

Double is always better! And indeed it seems quite true when we get the option of framing two of the best memories together, in a single frame. It might seem a bit idiosyncratic but it is 200% true as you gift memories to someone over affixing it in a folding wooden frame. Made of premium quality wood, it gives it a sturdy look and protects the age-old photographs. Not just that, the woody appeal gives your token of memories a simple yet sophisticated look.

Folding Wooden Frame

5. Photo Scrapbook

Now, this is something which will be lovingly cherished and is an instant- heart winner. When creativity is taken to a whole new next level, then an artistic photo scrapbook helps to cast a wonderful impression in the eyes, mind and hearts of the receiver. Having the capacity to incorporate around 25 Images & 4 personal messages, a photo scrapbook helps one to take a walk down the memory lane.

Photo Scrapbook

6. Photo Tile

Stickable pictures are known as photo tiles. All you have to do is just peel off the covering of the adhesive tape and you are good to go! You can collectively arrange these over your refrigerator or stick them over the wall to give a contemporary look to your home decor. Not just to decorate your living room, but you also place these photo tiles over your kitchen wall, to make every corner of your house, insta-worthy.

Photo Tile

7. Quoted Photo Frame

Let pictures and frames convey what words couldn’t on behalf of you over, quoted photo frame. You will find such a frame to please every relation, be it daughter, mother, father, wife or even aunt. A quoted photo frame is one such gifting option which can be presented to women, men as well as kids and convey our heartfelt love and care.

Quoted Photo Frame

So, these were a few photo frame options which will urge you to chuck quintessential photo frames and give these a try. All of these would really convey that you went the extra mile to find a perfect gift for your loved ones.