Morning to Night, It is all About Chocolates

As Valentine’s week is approaching, there is a breeze of love all around, and preparations for the celebrations have already begun. Although you surprise your partner with your sweet gestures throughout the year, Valentine’s week is just another excuse to make them the happiest. Talking about Chocolate Day, the third day of Valentine’s week, the couples express their adoration and care by gifting and sharing chocolates, which are token of thank you!

But you surely want to make this chocolatey gesture of yours, heart-melting, to bring a wide smile on the face of your better half. So, we are here to help you with the Chocolate Day celebration.

About Chocolates

Celebrate Chocolate Day in a unique way

• Romantic lunches and dinners are all cute and common. But how about cooking and baking scrumptious chocolate dishes together. You can start with cookie batters, cake recipes and bake your favourite chocolicious dishes. Enjoy the desserts with a bottle of wine and rom-com on Netflix!

Romantic Lunches

• Another delightful way to make Chocolate Day celebrations memorable is to decorate your home with romantic flowers and chocolates. Play some favourite songs of your partner and dance with them. You can bake sensual strawberry chocolates to make it more romantic. Also, do some fun activities by playing chocolate games like where you tell one thing about your partner, and if that’s true, they will eat a piece of chocolate. The one who eats more chocolate wins!

Decorate Home

• One of the most romantic Chocolate Day ideas is to take your love out for a full day date. Instead of the morning tea/coffee, start the day by having hot cocoa with marshmallow. Visit your favourite places and then eat chilled chocolate ice-cream after lunch. Finish the day with classic choco lava cake after dinner. Your partner will surely love this surprising date.

Full Day Date

Present some unique Chocolate Day Gifts

• Rose Shaped Chocolate Ice Cream - Treat your partner with a heavenly chocolate ice-cream that has a rose-shaped design at the top. The beautiful chocolate will help you to convey your deep feelings to your special one.

Chocolate Ice Cream

• Taj Mahal Chocolate - Taj Mahal has always been the symbol of love, and nothing can beat this Taj Mahal shaped chocolate when it comes to gifting a token of your love to your better half.

Taj Mahal Chocolate

• Chocolicious Bouquet - Be creative and give an exotic arrangement of chocolates to your partner. Go for the lip-smacking chocolates that are arranged beautifully in a bouquet-like arrangement.

Chocolicious Bouquet

Hope, all these celebration and gift ideas help you in celebrating this Chocolate Day with BOOM! You can also order heartwarming chocolate cakes from a bakery that provides chocolate cake delivery online. Happy Chocolate Day!