List of Most Fragrant Flowers in India

The lovely fragrance of flowers can freshen up your mood and make you feel refreshed. When you inhale the natural scent of flowers. If you want such benefits then grow these fragrant flowers in your garden or balcony. Below is a list of the most fragrant flowers in India.

List of Most Fragrant Flowers in India


Roses are beautiful and everything about roses is the best. Their appearance, colour and even their scent are very attractive. Even a single flower makes the whole room smell. Rose comes in different colours and is known for its fragrance. Perfume is also made from rose petals. If you grow fragrant roses in your garden, their sweet scent will give you peace every day. One of the best-scented flowers in India is used for gifting purposes.

Roses Fragrant Flowers in India


Gardenia flowers are very beautiful to see and the fragrance of these flowers is so strong that it spreads throughout the garden. These evergreen flowering shrubs peak during the warmer months. The most important thing is to protect this plant from very hot and very cold climates. Plumeria flower buds will start falling if proper care is not taken.

Magnolia Fragrant Flowers in India


Jasmine is considered to be the most fragrant flower and its delicate white flowers are also used to make perfume. One of the most fragrant flowers that you can grow in your home garden is jasmine. Some people like to plant jasmine outside the bedroom window and the night air carries this fragrance inside the room. Sweet smell helps in sleeping properly. Popular species of jasmine include Jai, Bela, Mogra, Juhi, Jasmine etc.

Sweet alyssum Fragrant Flowers in India


Lavender flowers and leaves have a pleasant aroma. It can be grown by cutting. Lavender plants have many benefits such as being an air purifier, mosquito repellent. Lavender leaves look very beautiful due to their unique silver color. It grows beautifully in the winter season. If the smell is inhaled, it reduces anxiety, depression and insomnia. Lavender is one of the best smelling flowers indoors. If placed near the bed, it helps in relaxing and deep sleep.

Kamini Fragrant Flowers in India


Kamini is a sturdy plant that doesn't need much attention; Regular watering is enough. The flower buds of Kamini have a serious, extraordinary aroma.

When you plant a Kamini blossom plant, it will bloom for 4-5 years. Late spring is germination time for the Kamini plant. The fragrance of this plant creates a wonderful environmental factor in the nursery.

Jasmine Fragrant Flowers in India


Magnolia plants have many varieties like Star Magnolia, Ann Magnolia, Soccer Magnolia. This type is a small tree-like plant that can be grown in a pot. Magnolia flowers smell great and are a stress buster. In addition, magnolia flowers have a very strong aroma. This plant prefers a warm climate and grows and blooms well in that climate. Cold climate is not suitable for it.


Sweet alyssum

Sweet alyssum is a low-growing foliage plant often used as a ground cover. The flowers that grow produce a sweet aroma which is enhanced by the high number of flowers that can bloom under the right conditions, ie. Sweet alyssum flowers are known to attract butterflies, hummingbirds and pollinators, making them a fun addition to your landscaping.

Gardenia Fragrant Flowers in India


Another name of this flower is "Rajnigandha". Tuberose is an annual plant in the Indian backyard for its wonderful smell. The tuberous plant can grow in a pot near your window. It produces small white flowers that exude one of the most refreshing scents. Don't forget to order flowers online if you are planning to decorate your balcony for that special date night.

Lavender Fragrant Flowers in India

Flowers with an amazing fragrance make for one of the best gifts possible for that special someone in your life. So guys, make sure you don't miss out on giving your bae a lovely fragrant basket or flower bouquet to start his/her day. You can also order send flowers online for hassle-free delivery of flowers with unique fragrances at your doorstep.