10 Must-Have Indoor Plants That Will Reward with Peace and Health

Are you thinking of ways to spruce up your home decor? Getting crafty is a good idea. What’s even better, though, is to adorn your space with the best house plants. It is certainly in vogue, but the perks of having indoor plants are not restricted to beautifying a space only. Indoor plants are more than pretty little decor. It can work wonders for your health and mind. Need a boost of positive energy to think straight? Well, little did you know, but plants can work magic in warding off negative energy and make way for a happy and positive aura.

Do you own a little extra space to spare, maybe an extension to your house? Great! Put all your thoughts to a grinding halt because there is nothing more picturesque than a pretty little garden. Believe it or not, but a garden can enhance the aesthetic and beautifying aspect of the residence by leaps and bounds. Greens are pleasing to the eye and play a remarkable role in improving the aura of your dwelling space. Potting greens is a cakewalk, regardless of whether or not you own an extended space for a little garden area. There is an array of indoor plants to choose from. Embellishing your house with natural greens is easier done than thought.

Must-Have Indoor Plants for Peace and Health

Are you contemplating on which plants to pot? Let’s help you make a list of the must-have plants at home.

Which Plants Should You Say Yes To?

Bedecking a simple house can seem challenging if you don’t know where to shell out your money and on what. Choosing to buy the best plants for a home will not just make your task a lot easier but can save you from burning holes in your pocket. Here’s a list of the must-have indoor plants that serve plenty of benefits in numerous ways.

1. Areca Palm

Are you a big fan of lush green foliage? Is it all about a beautiful appeal factor that hits the mark for you? If yes, then the Areca Palm is rightly a great option for you. The plant is definitely leafy and can be grown anywhere in the house. All the plant needs is a little love and indirect sunlight to bask in. The palm is not only pretty to look at but functions as an excellent humidifier. It filters the air from baneful chemicals like toluene and xylene.

Areca Palm

2. Golden Pothos

Air-purifying qualities is one of the most sought-after features when deciding on the must-have indoor plants. However, maintenance and care is an imperative aspect to think about. If you are searching for plants that are easy to maintain and do not require much caressing, Golden Pothos is your perfect bet. It does help in keeping the air clean. However, the star feature of the plant is that it is incredibly difficult to kill the green.

Golden Pothos

3. Boston Fern

Speaking of indoor plants that are easy to care for, Boston Ferns is right at the top of the charts. The distinctive texture of the leaves and its lush foliage has a bewitching appeal. The fern is one of the most crowd-favourite air-purifying plants that remove absolutely everything, from chemicals to compounds like plastic and smog, circulating in the air.

Boston Fern

4. Lucky Bamboo

The name says it all. The plant brings luck in health and love life. It signifies fortune and wellness, is low-maintenance; hence an apt choice for indoors. Keep the water clean and provide it with gentle lighting.

Lucky Bamboo

5. Basil

The great Basil in a home is believed to have a healing effect. It absorbs carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and emits oxygen into the atmosphere. It clears negative energy and is a harbinger of positive vibes. Moreover, it is an excellent antioxidant and culinary herb.


Much has been talked about indoor plants and their benefits. Let us now read a little about the must-have flowers in your garden.

1. Bromeliads

This sunset-coloured flora is a beautiful addition to any interior. Keeping up with maintenance and care is a piece of the pie. It can bear low-light conditions, and the flowers don’t wilt off in a day or two. It is pretty long-lasting in a nutshell.


2. Peace Lily

When listing down the must-have indoor plants, Peace Lily stands out as a popular pick. What’s better? The plant bears beautiful flowers too. Potting Peace Lily Plant is a low care affair. However, it works wonders in clearing the air from unwanted toxins.

Peace Lily

3. Gerberas

When thinking of embellishing the home with flowering plants that are good for health and peace, we cannot miss striking gerberas. NASA finds gerberas Daisy to be most effective in removing benzene from the air. They have the ability to absorb airborne pollutants and produce oxygen at night. The bonus is they will make your space look brighter and bigger.


4. Azalea

The pretty pink flowers will make your home look like a natural oasis. Having them as your family friend is highly recommended because they improve indoor air quality by absorbing formaldehyde. Keep them misted, and they shall bless you with beauty and health all around the year.


5. Jasmine

It is a popular houseplant enjoyed for soulful fragrance and serene white flowers. There is a lot more to having a Jasmine plant at home as it attracts positive energy and soothes the troubled mind with its pleasant aroma.


Spend your money on multi-benefits medicinal plants. These can help you keep your health in fine feather and bring in luck, joy, and a flush of positiveness in life.

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