Must take these Five Vegetables in your Diet during the Summer Season

Summers can be an uncomfortable time of the year; you find yourself rushing towards the AC or the fan every chance you get as it is so hot. The scathing heat out there can make you wish for a never-ending supply of cold fizzy drinks. Well, the temperatures outside can’t be controlled, but we can keep cool by eating healthy vegetables on the inside. Here are five vegetables that you should take into your diet during this Summer season.

Must take these five vegetables in your diet during the Summer season

1. Cucumber

Cucumbers are not only nutritious but also versatile. They are one of the most popular vegetables during summer times. They are frequently consumed raw in the form of salads or as part of beverages. Some varieties of cucumbers are added to curries like rasam. Cucumbers are perfect for hot days, have high water content. Not only this, they are highly rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. They are 96% water and serve as an excellent option to keep yourself hydrated.

2. Tomatoes

Technically a fruit, tomatoes are most commonly identified as a vegetable (especially in India). Tomatoes will always be an essential part of the Indian diet. Tomatoes are heroes when combating the summer heat. It is generally consumed raw in salads and juices, in curries and sauces, etc. 94-95% of tomatoes are made up of water. Tomatoes are a fantastic way to stay hydrated, especially if eaten raw. Not only this, but tomatoes are also rich in antioxidants like lycopene. They serve as a tremendous source of vitamins (C and K), potassium and calcium.

3. Bottle Gourd

Popularly known as lauki, bottle gourds belong on this summer vegetable list. This vegetable is worthy of first place in the vegetable kingdom for its taste and nutritional content. Bottle gourds have a long shelf life in the fridge, and they are also often added as a vegetable component to curries. Besides having a high water content, bottle gourds are also rich in calcium, making them good for the bones. It has acted as a home remedy for treating stomach issues, high cholesterol and regulating blood sugar for ages.

4. Brinjals

Brinjals, or eggplants, may seem like an unlikely addition to a list of vegetables suitable for the summer. This wholesome vegetable is popularly devoured as a side dish in India. It pairs well with almost all combination of spices. Brinjals are rich in fibre which makes them essential for gut health. Not only this, but brinjals contain flavonoids, vitamins and potassium and more, all of which contribute to overall health.

5. Pumpkin

With over 40 varieties, pumpkins are a popular vegetable worldwide (for good reasons). In India, this sweet vegetable is often an apetizing side dish. It serves as an accompaniment to chapattis. They can also be transformed into sweet dishes like pumpkin kheer. Pumpkins are highly rich in Vitamin A that strengthens your immune system to fend off diseases. They are also a good source of the antioxidant beta-carotene, which helps you fight heart disease and keeps your body temperature cool.


So, here were five summer vegetables to help you manage the tropical heat. Remember these names of vegetables for the summer, as they will help your body beat the heat and keep your body cool. Even though fruits are the more sought-after food during the summers, we need to consume a healthy amount of vegetables, which is why we eat a good portion of both. This list contained only the top five among the many good vegetables for the human body, especially during summers. These summers buy plants online with free delivery and add cool to your home. Vegetables are versatile in the kitchen and can be included in many recipes (for the summers), and they’re perfect for the spice-oriented Indian palate.