Myths Surrounding Bonsai Plants & Their Gardening That Needs to Be Busted

Myths are fabricated over time to the extent that when more than one person alludes to the same facts, it becomes misleading and confusing. The same goes for Bonsai plants! So, let's get started with debunking the myths surrounding bonsai plants and their gardening needs.

Bonsai Plants

Bonsai Are for Indoors Only

When plants grow in a normal outdoor environment, they reach their full potential. Since Bonsai plants are grown away from the natural outdoor spaces, they have limited access to essential sunlight and water. Another factor slowing down the growth of Bonsai plants is the pruning of branches and leaves. Pruning leaves and branches also limit the amount of sunlight and water intake.

Bonsai Plants

The Only True Bonsai Plants Are Imported

Though some Bonsai plants can be imported, it does not mean that a true bonsai has to be imported! Due to different climate conditions across the world and different plant species, the best way to grow a bonsai is by using native plant species. With the growing Bonsai sensation, many plant parents and those new to keeping plants, it is a wise choice to go with local plants that don’t require extra care. The Bonsai plants from the Fig plant species thrive in tropical climates, while Pines do well in temperate climates.

Bonsai Plants

Bonsai Plants Are Too Expensive

Bonsai plants are grown under monitored conditions to manipulate their growth and shape. Depending on the type of plant used for the Bonsai plant, it takes a lot of dedication and time to have a fully grown bonsai plant. Sometimes, even generations! The age of the bonsai plant is the determining factor in the price. You don’t have to cough out a ton of money to have a Bonsai plant in your home. You can simply buy small bonsai plants online within your budget.

Bonsai Plants

Do Not Give Bonsai Plants Fertiliser

When plants are growing in the natural environment, their roots have access to the essential nutrients in the soil. Keeping plants in a vase already means that they have no access to the natural nutrients provided by mother-nature. If you grow Bonsai relying on the myth that denying them fertiliser will help restrain the growth, you will be doing more damage than good. The best way is to stick with the fertiliser for the type of Bonsai plant recommended by your florist.

Bonsai Plants

Bonsai Plants Are Too Difficult to Make

Though the plant care routine may slightly differ from the normal indoor plant care and maintenance, they are quite easy to make. All you will need is the proper tools and instructions. When one buys a bonsai, they also get to learn about the basics needed for taking care of the plants. Florists will provide you with all the information and assistance you will need to grow your Bonsai plants like a professional. You can also get more information about Bonsai plants on the internet.

Bonsai Plants

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