New Year Greeting Card Making Ideas With Videos

Wake up the creative inside you and gear up yourself as we bring you some amazing new year greeting card making ideas.

The year is about to leave, and another year is waiting for itself to be welcomed in a memorable manner. We all are stuck to our smartphones, and all we do to wish Happy New Year to our beloved ones is sending a copied message over an online messaging platform. But if you are reading this right now, then praise yourself as you know that nothing can beat the magic of greeting cards in wishing occasions like New Year.

We understand that visual presentation works better than long written explanations, and hence we are sharing the explained videos of new year greeting card ideas.

Go get your colours, scissor, paper, and glue!

Time to be the skillful card maker!

New Year Greeting Card Making Ideas

The Black & Yellow

Bringing the beauty of black and yellow combination along with a decent touch of white; this new year greeting card is a delight to the eyes.

The Cute Floral Heart

The cutest and very beautiful piece of craftwork; this card making idea is sure to wish a happy new year in the cutest way.

The New Year Butterflies

If the person you want to wish new year love butterflies, then this is the perfect new year greeting card to surprise him/her.

The White Hearts On Blue

All you need for this greeting card: white craft paper, blue craft paper, some glue, some glue, and a colour pen.

The Simplest Rosement

No hard skills required for this one. The simplest yet beautiful new year greeting card making idea!

The Complex Zig Zag

If you want to challenge the artist inside you, then this card making idea is for you. The video contains a complex procedure that will result in an awesome greeting card!

The Heart & Stripes

The blue stripes on a pink paper and heart in the center with some pearls around it make this new year greeting card best to convey your heartily wish.

The Hanging 2021

This card is straight out from the DIY category of new year greeting card making ideas as you will be using a thread and the year 2021 will be hanging like clothes to the wire.

The Pink Black Beauty

This card is the creative answer to the question ‘how to make a new year greeting card’. You will be creating hearts and roses from paper among many more shapes to achieve perfection.

The Happy New Year Circles

Here is a simple yet adorable new year greeting card making idea to easily level up your craft skill. Some paper flowers, two paper hearts, three circles to cut, and the new year card is ready!

The Rainbow On Black

Who knew simplicity can be so attractive! Take a black craft paper and paper stripes of eight different colours to create a rainbow effect. What’s more to do? See in this new year card making handmade video!

Keep patience and make sure to create a masterpiece new year greeting card! Order new year gifts to send along with the card for a perfect surprise to new beginnings.