9 Non-Flowering Plants That Cast The Magic with Their Foliage

That feeling when you come back home from a long day of work, kick off your shoes, get into your pajamas, and sip on piping hot tea/coffee while reading your favourite book is priceless. Imagine that cozy corner of yours made more welcoming with pretty plants with beautiful foliage. Plants are an essential part of our homes now, for they act as substitutes for medicines, beauty products, air purifiers and add life to any room that they are kept in. Leave out the functional aspects of these wonders; their beautiful leaves are enough to relieve you of the stress you carry back home. We have curated for you a list of 10 plants, so pretty, that you will not feel the absence of flowers in your abode. Take a look:

Non Flowering Plants

1. Beautiful Bonsai

Many people think that bonsai is a type of plant, and they could not be more wrong! Bonsai plant is a Japanese technique of growing a large plant in a smaller size. A little bit of water, sunlight, and pruning, and you will be able to grow miniature versions of trees in your living room. Pick a red-leaved maple or a deep green variety and wow your guests!

Beautiful Bonsai

2. Sensational Snake Plant

One of the best indoor plants, the Sansevieria or mother-in-law’s tongue are a hard-to-kill variety that needs minimal sunlight and watering. Place them in a colourful pot to match your foyer’s décor, and its yellow-green leaves will add an element of mystery in the air. Ironic to its name, the Snake Plant actually cleans the air of poisonous elements.

Sensational Snake Plant

3. Fun False Palm

Dracaena is a part of the non-flowering plants family that thrives in tropical climates. On receiving indirect light, a humid and moist environment, and lots of love, this majestic plant can grow up to your ceiling indoors. It is easy to care for, and when grown in a series, can act as a perfect corner accessory for your living room décor.

Sensational Snake Plant

4. Glorious Golden Pothos

Provide a support system to this wine, and you will have heart-shaped leaves growing vertically in your room. Green, white, and yellow, its beautiful leaves add colour to any room it is kept in. Pest and disease resistant, it can also be grown in baskets hanging from the ceiling of your balcony or bathroom.

Glorious Golden Pothos

5. Pretty Philodendron

One of the most spectacular foliage plants, the philodendron, is often confused with golden Pothos due to its heart shapes leaves. Bright light and moist soil are all that this humble plant needs. You can grow it vertically in a colourful pot or let it spread the way it likes- either way, it will be the highlight of your dining room.

Pretty Philodendron

6. Fantastic Ferns

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, the fern family consists of evergreen plants that are hard to kill. The Boston fern consists of ruffle like leaves and is a study pick. Plant it in a colourful pot, and you have a friend on your balcony window available for you whenever you need it.

Fantastic Ferns

7. Cool Coleus

Available in vibrant colours such as light green, maroon-green, and deep maroon, the coleus is an easy to grow variety that can fill your bedroom with oodles of charm. Just place it on the coffee table and let its leaves start all your conversations.

Cool Coleus

8. Ferocious Ficus

This air-cleaning plant is available in varieties with bright green and yellow-green leaves. Needing very little sunlight and water, this plant grows all year round and can be kept in your balcony or at the main door. Place it in colourful pots and create a medley of colours.

Ferocious Ficus

9. Earnest Eranthemum

If green is too mainstream for you, then buy this gorgeous plant in the red-leaf variety and place it against a white wall to brighten up space. Needing little care, this plant is easily available and can thrive indoors.

While we would love to have a floral scent in every part of our home, pollen allergy amongst kids and pets is common. Floral shrubs are difficult to maintain and care for, no doubt, so why not have yourselves a plant as gorgeous to look at! Use colourful pots that match your décor and place them against complementing backdrops.

Earnest Eranthemum

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