On Which Hand of Bhaiya and Bhabhi Rakhi is Tied

Finally, it’s time for the most awaited festival for siblings, i.e., Raksha Bandhan! The festival is celebrated in different parts of India and abroad. Sisters tie rakhi- a sacred thread on their brother’s wrist for their protection and the brother then takes an oath to always protect the sister from evil. The festival is celebrated by exchanging gifts and sweets. A new tradition in Rajasthan started which was meant to bring the whole family together and that is why sisters started tying rakhi to their sister-in-law (bhabhi) who is her forever kind of friend. To mark this special friendship, it is celebrated by sisters tying lumba rakhi to their bhabhi. The tradition slowly became popular in different parts of the country. Lumba Rakhis are not like the other Rakhis and are different in both size and texture. There is liberal utilization of hues to match the temperament of ladies. There is likewise a fancy piece which swings from the Rakhi. Shining stones, sparkles, sequins, and gunghrus are commonly used to brighten the Lumba. This type of Rakhi can also be found as Hathphool and Panchgali. But the real question that arises is on which hand should a sister tie rakhi on their brother and bhabhi’s wrist? Well, we will get into the details below. Scroll down and find it out!

On Which Hand of Bhaiya and Bhabhi Rakhi is Tied

The answer to the question is pretty simple. The sacred thread of rakhi is tied on the right hand of the bhaiya and bhabhi. But what is the reason behind this? Wondering? Well, the reason lies ahead.

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As per some old religious writings, there is a right method of playing out each ritual. These guidelines state that the rakhi must be tied only on the right wrist. The right portion of the body is believed to show us the correct way. It has greater capacity to control the mind and the body; while, utilizing the left hand is viewed as inauspicious for every ritual. That is the reason the rakhi should really be tied by the sister with her right hand and on the right hand of her bhaiya and bhabhi.

Also, Ayurveda says that the string tied on the right wrist regulates the Kapha and Pitta. Kapha and Pitta are two of the three components of the body according to Ayurveda. Kapha and Pitta comprise the water, fire, and earth components of the body. When these are regulated, the general health of the body remains great. Additionally, the person feels more protected knowing that a thread of love and protection is tied around their wrist.

On Which Hand Rakhi Should be Tied

So, we hope that you got your answer to the question rising in your mind. This Raksha Bandhan, buy rakhi for brother and lumba rakhi online for bhabhi and tie it in the right hand. To add to the festivities, surprise them with charming gifts, sweets, and chocolates and make their special day even more special and exciting with your thoughtfulness.