Do You Know About These Most Common Ornamental Plants?

Plants that are grown or kept up for its aesthetic highlights like its color, aroma, appealing pattern or design are known as ornamental plants. Ornamental plants give your home a crisp look and soothe your eyes. They are developed particularly for decoration purpose. These kinds of ornamental plants can add charm to the indoors as well as to outdoors. Place these anywhere near the windows or in the garden, and these type of ornamental plants will light up space with their beauty. There are numerous types of ornamental plants, trees, and herbs grown for display purposes in the home garden. But how many of us know these ornamental plants with names? Not most of us, right?

Most Common Ornamental Plants

So, if you have not much idea about which list of ornamental plants to go with, then you can find some of the best ornamental plants with names here. These are some of the most commonly used ornamental plants -

1. Sword Fern

Yes, there are ornamental plants called ferns and Sword Fern is one of them. These plants are more like a Christmas tree and can be placed perfectly in any part of the house. The plant also purifies the air and has many other health benefits as well. These can be grown easily in hanging baskets on the green wall. It is also a low-maintenance plant. Just make sure that you never let the soil dry.

Sword Fern Plant

2. English Lavender

Also known as Lavandula, it is one of the best ornamental trees as they are tall and can light up any space of the house. Grow these in balconies, near windows or in the vertical garden; the plant will survive with very little care. You can additionally decorate the plant with your creativity by putting up some light cables on this tall plant.

English Lavender Plant

3. Peace Lily

Peace lily is grown in a vertical garden owing to its rapidly developing ability. Simple to grow as they are tolerant of low humidity and lower light. Just make sure to water it once a week. This exotic plant is perfect for indoors and is even a much perfect gifting choice on any occasion. As the name suggests, it is believed to bring peace and prosperity to the home. You can gift this plant to your dear ones by wrapping your best wishes in it.

Peace Lily Plant

4. Wedding Vine Plant

Well, get ready for wedding vibes. Yes! We are not kidding. The beauty that this plant will add to your home is just heartwarming. It's grown vertically broadly for its pure white, waxy, strongly fragrant blooms. It is one of the most eye-catching ornamental flowering trees and is often referred to decorate the wedding venues, so the name suggests!

Wedding Vine Plant

5. English Ivy

Ivy is a solid, evergreen vine. It connects itself by aerial rootlets to the walls and different surfaces. It is one of the most attractive indoor/outdoor plants. Grown principally for its rich foliage, which shapes a cool green cover on walls or whichever vertical surface they're grown on. The view that this plant offers is just hypnotizing. These vines can also purify the air and are known for health benefits.

English Ivy Plant

Hope you find a perfect plant from this elaborate list of most common ornamental plants and their names. There are many more plants like ornamental cactus, philodendron, star jasmine, etc. To buy a suitable plant for you or your loved one’s home, you can browse our special collection of exotic plants at