10 personalised chocolate gift ideas to bring happiness and smiles in life

What better to present to your loved ones as a token or gesture of love and favouritism. The innate love we share with our precious people sometimes needs an outward show of affection for which you need cute and heartfelt presents. Opting for materialistic gifts at all times and occasions isn't a healthy option majorly because it lacks personalisation, human connect and love, which is why we have come up with a classic, evergreen, and very scrumptious option, personalised chocolate gifts.

Chocolates are loved by everyone at any given time, and so we assume it is your loved one's, true love, too. Giving a bar of chocolate may not exactly be the most feasible and attractive thing to do, so here's presenting personalised chocolate gift ideas and packs.

Personalised Chocolate Gift Ideas

Chocolate brands

When gifting chocolates, you should always be careful of the liking of what flavour and what brand. Most of us like to have a bar of specific chocolate, no matter the occasion. It stays to be our favourite option, regardless of our mood, for those who like everyday chocolates like Dairy Milk or luxurious chocolate brands know their choice and make the pick.

Size of pack

Next option, the pack's size is not as much as an idea as it is a suggestion. You can either decide on the size of pack of chocolates based on the number of people you are gifting, or the number of people in the house of the person who is being gifted this present or you can base this on the liking of the one who is about to receive this pack ranging from 6, 8, 12 to 20 pieces.

Alphabet embedded chocolate

Not emerged newly but brought into practice in the near future, the fondness of alphabet embedded chocolates. You can spell out happy birthday, happy anniversary or a limerick whatever you may like with your chocolates. You can make a slate out of these chocolate alphabets and also tie a ribbon around to make it look more presentable.

Alphabet embedded chocolate

Customised packing chocolates

Going for the next option for personalised chocolate gifts you can switch from deciding on customised chocolates but move on to their wrappings. These days you can easily find a customised packing of chocolate with a printed picture of you and your family and message for the receiver. Under which you can have your favourite chocolate.

Customised packing chocolates

Chocolates with messages

Next is a very charming option and is loved by most people who are looking to give chocolates to their loved ones. Be it handmade or branded chocolates; it is possible to slip inside some personalised messages to surprise the ones who open it. Many brands inaugurated a line of such chocolates specifically for the purpose of messaging along with it.

Handmade chocolate

Another fashionable choice for personalised chocolate gifts is handmade chocolates. It is more heartfelt and energising and ignites a spark in your relationship with greater love. You can find handmade chocolates very easily; it's a new age passion people are developing and growing fondness for. Or you can go a step further and make these chocolates for your admired ones yourself.

Chocolate box in different shapes

Next option is to have a box of chocolate where the deal is not the chocolate but the presentable packaging. A circular, rectangular or rather a chocolate shaped box is also in your vicinity now, and you can order one or get it personalised online. Inside it, you can have chocolates of separate likeable brands, and you can have a mix and match combination too.

Chocolate bouquet

You must have heard of a flower bouquet and shared it with your loved ones, although, a chocolate bouquet is also a thing now and rather a very appealing presentation. You can get one from the popular choice of chocolate bouquets made mostly with Cadbury or Ferrero Rocher chocolates wrapped with net and decorated with glitters too. You can get as many chocolates as you may like.

Personalised chocolate box

A personalised chocolate box is a very rocking and interesting option from personalised chocolate gifts. It is a box that has a photo of you on top or a family picture. It can be the scenery of your liking or just some magical, celebrated quote. It is something that begins at the surface but goes more profound in the heart of the recipient.

 Personalised chocolate box

Chocolate gift basket

A chocolate gift basket is probably the easiest to bring to reality. Just purchase a separate basket or order a whole pack online and add to it your special one's favourite chocolates. You can pick one from each brand or flavour or fill the basket with just one undefeatable chocolate kind.