Plants that Attract Hummingbirds

Nature teaches us many beautiful lessons, for sure one of them being codependence. Plants and birds are two beautiful living beings of this nature who love each other and try to coexist harmoniously. Hummingbirds share a beautiful relationship with some mesmerising plants and flowers. There are absolutely different kinds of plants that attract hummingbirds. They tend to add life to your flowers and plants online and grace your garden with much-needed beauty. They are known for beating their wings fast, about 80 beats per second, to be exact. When they flutter their wings, it precisely appears to be all blurry. Hummingbirds are known to burn approximately 12,000 calories per day as they keep up with their energy consumption. They are always flying from one place to another in search of some beautiful hummingbird flowers to suck sweet nectar from. That is exactly why you should be opening up your garden for them by ordering some plants home delivery right away—wondering what all plants for hummingbirds are best suited? Then, here's your list for the same. Thank us later!

Plants that Attract Hummingbirds

1. Petunia -

A petunia plant is known to produce brightly coloured tubular flowers, which is what grabs the attention of hummingbirds. This flowering plant makes a filling and delish meal for these birds.


2. Cardinal Flower -

This flowering plant reaches upto a height of four feet. Its crimson colour flower is sure to add charm to your garden. They produce yummy nectar and bloom in midsummer.

Cardinal Flower

3. Sunflower -

It should not be a big deal if we told you that hummingbirds love sunflowers. From its large petalled leaves to its bright sunshine yellow colours, this flower acts as a welcoming sign for hummingbirds in your garden.


4. Tubular Hibiscus -

A flowering plant with big, bright red flowers and tubular in shape, how could hummingbirds ever resist? It has the best possible combination for what a hummingbird is attracted to. Plant these flowering beauties, and you are about to kick start the party for hummingbirds in your garden.

Tubular Hibiscus

5.Queen's Wreath -

Heard of Nilmani Lata? Well, it's Queen's wreath flower plant; they are known to attract hummingbirds with their beautiful lavender coloured flowers. These flowers grow in enormous bunches and are sure to satisfy a hummingbird's sweet nectar appetite.

Queen's Wreath

6. Foxglove -

Coming in white, pink, purple or yellow colours, foxglove is proven to be making a very attractive yet delicious meal for hummingbirds. It has too many tubular flowers. Hence hummingbirds' job has been made easier than ever before.


7. Salvia -

Salvia comes in vibrant shades of violet, red, blue or pink. It is known to attract these birds with their beautiful blue colour.


So, these were some of the popular hummingbird trees and plants options that you can choose to plant and beautify your backyard, garden or lawn with.