10 Best Hard To Kill Plants For Beginners

If you happen to be a beginner gardener, or seem to always forget to water your plants or have a brown thumb, we have some good news. Not all house plants require regular watering and care and extensive garden expertise. These plants pretty much grow by themselves or can be grown in indirect light in normal indoor temperatures. What is good is that these hard to kill plants can even thrive despite serious neglect or harsh weather conditions. So, if you want little greenery around you but do not have much time to care for these little plants, ditch artificial plants as here are the top 10 hard plants to kill that are perfect for your indoors.

10 Best Hard To Kill Plants

1. Pothos

Also known as devil’s vine, devil’s ivy or golden pothos, this plant is one of the easiest houseplants to take care of. This trailing plant with heart-shaped leaves also comes in yellow, white and green colors. Pothos is known to survive in indirect sunlight and can be grown in very low light and even artificial light. Happy in ordinary potting soil, all you have to take about when growing this plant is to let the soil dry out completely before you water it again.


2. Snake Plant

These plants that are hard to kill can thrive on neglect and also known as mother in laws tongue. These plants have tall, stiff leaves of dark green color and look beautiful. You will also find variegated varieties of these plants and have yellow stripes that run down along the edges of the leaves. You and your Snake Plant probably won’t even notice if you forget to water it for a few weeks. As a matter of fact, this plant does better when the soil dries out completely in between waterings. All you have to keep in mind when watering this plant is to give it a long, deep drink and allow water to drain out completely.

Snake Plant

3. Spider Plant

This highly adaptable plant is easy to care for. Available in light green or variegated green and white color. The little spiderettes of this plant can be easily propagated into new plants. These easiest plants to keep alive enjoy being pot bound and you will not need to repot them often. These plants thrive in bright indirect light such as near a kitchen or bathroom window. Just don’t let the plant get too soggy and they will surely thrive.

Spider Plant

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant grows best in a succulent potting soil or a rich potting soil mixed with vermiculite to improve drainage. Aloe Vera like nice long drinks but do not water the plant again until the soil is dry. Overwatering can kill an aloe vera plant but it can survive if you underwater it. Aloe vera plants like bright indirect sunlight and you can keep them in a sunny window.

Aloe Vera

5. Madagascar Dragon Tree

These striking plants have vivid colors and are easy for beginners to grow. These hard to kill indoor plants can grow up to 20 feet in their outdoor environment and can grow up to six feet tall in a pot. The Dragon Tree can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and grow best in bright and indirect light but can tolerate lower levels of light as well. These trees need large pots for their extensive root systems.

Madagascar Dragon Tree

6. Chinese Evergreen

If you are a haphazard plan-lover, you cannot beat a Chinese evergreen plant. This plant is both beautiful and sturdy with pretty green leaves mottled with silver. The plant likes bright light and can grow equally well in low or artificial light. You can keep the soil evenly moist or let it dry out before you water it again. These slow growing plants and you can let it be until it is slowly growing.

Chinese Evergreen

7. Flaming Katy

Flaming Katy can thrive in complete neglect. These hard to kill houseplants come in shades of red, white, yellow, orange and pink. These plants are pretty and easy to handle with large heads of small tubular flowers popping out of the deep green fleshy leaves. You can also deadhead your plant to keep it flowering longer.

Flaming Katy

8. Rubber Plant

If you are looking for a hard to kill a houseplant, a rubber plant is the best pick. The ficus Elastica can grow sixty to eighty feet tall and under the right conditions, the rubber plant can grow pretty fast. These hard to kill houseplants come in various varieties from dark to rubbery green color. Rubber plants require a lot of indirect light to grow and you should keep the soil a little damp but not soggy for best growth.

Rubber Plant

9. Bromeliads

These dazzling hard to kill outdoor plants come in a striking array of colors. You can easily incorporate these beauties at home as they can tolerate wide ranges in temperature. The easiest way to let these plants grow is to put them in a pebble tray and fill it with water. Bright indirect light will also make your Bromeliads happy with a fast draining soil to grow in.


10. Jade Plant

These intriguing, long-live succulents represent money and good luck. It is okay if you underwater your jade plant and its leaves will shrink if the plant is overdue for a drink. Jade plants need bright direct sunlight for some hours in a day but the variegated varieties can get by with just indirect light.

Jade Plant

So, fill your home with greenery and adopt some of these hard to kill plants for your indoors. With various health benefits, these plants also contribute to bringing love and luck into your lives. Sounds like a fair deal right?