Peace Lily Care Guide - Plant Care Tips and More

The peace lily is one of the indoor plants that can be found easily in every home as they are extremely beautiful and easy to grow. Peace lily can adjust to the environment and grows shiny, pretty flowers. Well, if you are new to gardening, you must be looking for a blog or write up that can give you a complete peace lily care guide, and you can beautify your home with its presence. Well, today, for you, we have covered most of the points that you need to take care of while taking care of the Peace Lily plant.

Peace Lily Care Tips

The peace lily is one such plant that can be grown in the water also. Hence, you would have noticed that you don’t get peace lily potted in soil but in a vase. The base of the plant should be on the waterline, and it needs river stone or a specially crafted vase to help the roots to grow down. So, if you are growing the peace lily plant in water, you don’t need much of a peace lily care guide to grow them well.

Apart from this, the Peace lily is mildly a toxic plant to grow at home. Hence, it is recommended to keep the Peace lily plant out of reach of children and pets, who might chew the plant. Peace lily plants can cause respiratory and stomach irritation if chewed, so be careful.

Peace Lily Care Tips

Peace Lily is a pretty plant that needs little care to thrive well in different conditions. So, today, we will see how you need to take care of the Peace lily plant under this section. Scroll down to this Peace Lily care guide now…


Peace Lily thrives well in high humidity. It enjoys being surrounded by humidity; so, misting a Peace lily plant’s leaves or placing it atop a moistened tray, will be the best to surround it with humidity.


Never keep Peace lily plants in direct sunlight as it might affect the plant negatively. It will get dried out and won’t thrive well. Placing this plant in bright, indirect sunlight is what you should opt for. Apart from that, peace lily plants can thrive well in fluorescent light. So, place this plant in the east-facing window where it can be exposed to morning sunlight, and even a north-facing window would work well for this beautiful plant.


You don’t need to feed peace lily plants regularly as they are not heavy feeders. This plant needs balanced feeding, hence use household fertiliser starting in late winters. Feed it every six weeks to encourage summer and spring growth.


If Peace lily does not get enough watering, then the leaves may appear brown tips. If the plant gets dry, it can stay well for a short period of time. But consistency is the key - hence, watering peace lily plants from time to time is necessary. Let the soil dry out between watering and using filtered water will be best because chemicals might ruin the plant. Also, let the soil be a little moist all the time.


As Peace Lilies are tropical plants, you need to keep the plant above 21 degrees Celsius or 70 degrees Fahrenheit as Peace Lily plants cannot thrive well in the cold area. Don’t keep the plant near windows during winters, as cold waves might spoil the plant.

Other Care

Peace lily plants have long leaves; therefore, the leaves gather dust soon. Every fortnight, wipe the leaves with a clean cloth and a wet towel. So, get the dust off and keep the soil moist for this plant. If you follow this peace lily care guide, then your plant will thrive well.


Now, as you are well aware of Peace Lily care, you should order this indoor plant online from a reliable portal and add this green beauty to your home. If you want to experience the off-white flowers in early summer at your home, growing a Peace lily in enough light would be the best. So, get the online plants for your home and surround yourself with gorgeous greens.

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