Top 10 Lucky Plants

Plants are our closest friends when it comes to nature; we exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen. When placed in homes - they remove toxins from the air. And they are also a good sign of water. But, there is more to plants than meets the eye. They also carry with them some lucky charms. So adding these glorious greens to your home also brings with it a stream of good luck. You can have lucky plants in front of the house, in-home, or at your workplace. As long as you are in an environment with plants, you will soon attract good things in your life and have plants to thank for it. In this post, we share a list of the top 10 lucky plants and their quality. Take a look.

Top 10 Lucky Plants

1. Pachira Money Tree

This lush green and reverberating tree is one of the most usual plants you may know from almost everywhere where there is a flower garden. And it may surprise that it has made it on the list of top ten lucky plants. As money is found in different ventures, even the most looked down on ones, such as the money plant, it is found in almost every spec where there is greenery. But it only requires someone with the knowledge and an eye to see. You can add it to your collection of plants that bring good luck.

Pachira Money Tree

2. Money Plant

The money plant is one of the well-known plants that bring good luck. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. They are good climbers, easy to plant, and maintain. You can easily gift your loved ones with a money plant by plucking 3-5 inches of the shooting buds, and plant in water.

Money Plant

3. Lucky Bamboo

When looking at this plant, you might just think it’s just a typical one. Say it’s a myth or what but, religion has it that this plant is a protector from bad and evil spirits. And another fascinating thing about this plant is - it does not require soil to grow. You can plant it in a vase full of water and see the plant thrive like others. All you just need to do is ensure you change the water in 7 to 14 days. And it is one of the lucky plants to keep in home.

Lucky Bamboo

4. Snake Plant

Do not judge a book by its covers, and don’t be quick to judge as the snake plant is named after its ability to ward off snakes from wherever they are planted. And snakes are regarded in some traditions as evil and bring bad luck. Well, with the Snake Plant you get to chase the snakes away, and is also known as one of the plants that bring good luck.

Snake Plant

5. Palm Plant

When talking about good luck plants, there is nowhere you can leave out the Palm Plant. It is a calm and peaceful tree that grows big and is always eye-catching at all the stages of its life. When the plant is still small, you can add it in the entranceway of your home, and plant the lucky plant in front of your home when grown. This not only brings in good luck and happiness to yourself but also your family and guests as well.

Palm Plant

6. Orchids

The Orchids are one of the best good luck plants for your home. They provide a protective shield from bad omen as well as negativity. All you need to do is keep this plant in your home and tend to it, making sure that it has ample sunlight, water, and fertiliser. And soon all your prayers and wishes will be answered as you see your life take a turn for the better.


7. Rubber Plant

Environments change almost on a daily basis, and so does our window of opportunities and luck. And the Rubber Plant - is just the right lucky plant for this type of scenario. You can place it at any spot and still reap the benefits it comes with. It’s highly adoptive of new and challenging environments as well.

Rubber Plant

8. Jade Plant

This plant a succulent plant species is also one of the popular plants that attract money; you can bring it into your home. They are also known as the door of success and prosperity. It helps ensure that your efforts will not be in vain but amplifies your reward. You can gift your loved one who runs or owns a business, to wish them the best of luck.

Jade Plant

9. Peace Lily

The Peace Lily, as the name suggests, is a plant that boasts calmness and a peaceful environment. It is one of the surprising plants that bring money with the ability to grow even in an environment with no sunlight. And so does luck manifests itself even in the most difficult of times, with this plant in your home you will attract the good that you have wished for.

Peace Lily

10. Tulsi Plant

The Tulsi plant is mostly found in Asain countries. It is regarded as a spiritual plant. It has ayurvedic medicine that you will see and hear recommendations for use of the leaves as ingredients in teas, stews, and a variety of other meals.

Tulsi Plant

You will find all the aforementioned plants around your home but would not know how important they can be in opening your window to good luck.