Top 10 Outdoor Plants

You can always tell how beautiful a house is from its curb appeal. A house is definitely not “a book you can judge by its cover”, the outside appearance tells a lot about the entire property as well as the person who resides there. Outdoor plants are one way you can turn to if you are looking to make cost-efficient improvements that will not deteriorate with time but get better. With the best outdoor plants and a few gardening skills, you can liven up any property. You can turn every head in your neighbourhood and easily increase the value of your property by just adding the best outdoor plants for home. If you are looking for ideal plant options you can plant at your home; then you are in the right place. Read on as we share the top 10 outdoor plants.

Top 10 Outdoor Plants

1. Lavender

The Lavender scent is one of the most loved scents that you will find in almost every household as a freshener. With the herb plant in your garden, the beautiful aromatic scents just get better. You also do not have to worry about missing those moments when you pass by and brush your hand over the flowers to get the fragrance on you. Because these plants are hardy perennials, they are all blooming throughout the year.


2. Canna Lily

The beauty of your garden and house has to be captured from a distance as well as within proximity, and the Canna Lily plant captures all that and more with its larger-than-life leaves and strikingly beautiful flowers. You can pot these tall and beautiful plants and line them up to your walkway or driveway, and have your own sort of personal private space.

Canna Lily

3. Strawberry

Making your home nature-friendly and health-friendly brings us to the strawberry plants. And yes, they still present all the benefits other plants in the outdoor category present - beautiful views, nourishing scents, and complement some of your best garden plants as well. You can easily mix in a blend of scents and colour tones to your view the way you want, but try adding a few strawberries; you will thank me later when you are having your morning walk and pass by some fresh edibles.


4. Begonia

An outdoor view enriched with beautiful plants is welcoming. But, what about that with a variety of Begonia plants with different colour shades? The Begonia plant is available in a variety of colours including pink, orange, red, and rose. And all these beautiful blooms will stay up even in the coldest winter. Though like other plants, they need time in the sun.


5. Herbs

You need to start considering how your patio is going to be like if you wish to achieve the perfect outdoor home makeover. And adding a few more herbs is a great and idealistic approach with many advantages. First, you can easily access your herbs whenever you wish to add fresh and healthy ingredients. You can try planting Ashwagandha, Boswellia, Cummin, and Brahmi to name but a few.


6. Rose

Roses are perfect for gifting, but that does not only entail marking roses as a means to convey feelings and wishes only. You can plant roses at your place to bring the aura that roses bring to the lives of our loved ones. They can also thrive even in the coldest environment but will also require full sunshine. And they are quite easy plants to grow outside.


7. Chrysanthemum

Sometimes we can not counter the seasonal changes and the effects they have on some of our air purifying plants outdoor. And some of these affected plants really have to go if you wish to maintain your spectacular plant views. The Mums plants are available in a variety of colours that blend well with other plants including pumpkins and gourds.


8. Hydrangea

You can also create a thick bush/jungle-like setting on your outdoor space without moving mountains and making river channels. It’s all possible with the Hydrangea plants; they are beautiful shrubs that boast gorgeous flowers from early summer up to fall.


9. Succulents

If you have a busy schedule and could not find time to tend to your garden plants. You can add Succulents, one of the top garden plants. They do not require as much maintenance but will still maintain their beautiful appearance. So if you don’t have a minute or two to spare to water your garden plants, succulents are the ideal plants you can add up to your garden.


10. Palms

Home improvements with plants go a long way when you plant beautiful palm trees. Even when they are still in the early stages of growth, the palm trees always exude their beautiful appearance. They also have a quick growth rate if you wish to raise the value of your property within a short period of time.


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