Purple Colour Flower Names - A List to Make your Day more Vibrant

"If you Truly Love Nature, You will find Beauty Everywhere!"- Vincent Van Gogh

Nature is full of colours that are vibrant and relaxing. One such vibrant colour that can lift up our mood instantly has to be- Purple. Purple flowers are not as rare as we think they are! The colour purple is very exquisite and gives one the feeling of luxury and royalty. So, next time choose purple flowers, whenever you plan to decorate your place for a function or want to give a flower bouquet.

Purple Colour Flower Names

To get you more sorted, here is a purple flower names list. Stick here and know more about purple flowers names and their pictures (if earlier, you only knew about Orchids and Lavenders).

1. China Aster

China Aster tops the list of purple flower names. Also known as Callistephus Chinensis, the China Aster has a sturdy stem and is a long-lasting flower, which makes this flower perfect for bouquets. The Aster is a Greek word meaning ‘star’, and this flower signifies- patience, elegance, and daintiness.

China Aster

2. Coneflowers

Coneflowers are often confused with Daisy and are called Echinacea Purpurea, scientifically. This flower flourishes well in a warm climate, and their orange centre works like a magnet for butterflies and songbirds.


3. Pansy

Other names of Pansy flower are Violent Pansy, Heartsease, and Johnny Jump-up. The Violet Pansy gets its name from the french word ‘penser’ which means ‘to think’. And this is why the Pansy flower symbolises being considerate and free-thinking.


4. Cosmos

The petals of a Cosmos are symmetrically aligned, and that is why it has earned the Greek name for ‘ordered universe’. Cosmos are the birth flowers of people born in October and signify- peace, order, and modesty.


5. Italian Aster

The flowers of Italian Aster are star-shaped, and their habit of growing distantly from one another gives them the Greek name Aster (meaning star, as discussed earlier). Italian Aster is a symbol of peace and delicate beauty.

Italian Aster

6. Crocus

The flowers of Crocus are cup-shaped. Symbol of cheerfulness, youthfulness, and innocence this plant can make its way from the cold ground with a burst of a purple flower.


7. Monkshood

Monkshood was given such a name because it resembles a monk’s group or hood. This flower has a tall stem and has other names like- Wolfsbane, Devil’s Helmet, Blue Rocket, and Friar’s Cap. This flower can be easily located in areas with moist soil.


8. Waxflower

The scientific name of Waxflower is Chamelaucium and has become famous in the floral industry, in recent years. Though they are the native of Australia but are now being exported all over the world. Waxflowers have made a place in Christmas decors as well.


9. Cyclamen

The Cyclamen flower has layers of purple petals. This flower is held responsible by the folklore, for speeding up the delivery during labour if worn by pregnant women around her neck. Cyclamen represents resignation or goodbyes, thus making it a perfect farewell flower.


10. Verbena

Verbena is the flower that blooms in a cluster of flowers. Verbena attracts butterflies and is drought-tolerant, i.e., can thrive in less watering gardens as well. The flower is known for its healing properties as it soothes earaches and gum diseases.


11. Wild Indigo

Wild Indigo is a flower from the pea family and is quite an easy plant to grow. The stalks of this plant can grow up to four feet, and Baptisia Australis is the scientific name of this plant. This flower makes a perfect wedding bouquet flower.

Wild Indigo

12. Fuchsia

Fuchsia is a very exotic looking flower, and thus makes a meaningful romantic gift. Fuchsia falls under our purple flower names category because of its hanging like basket characteristic, that looks stunning. Fuchsia Magellanica is the scientific name for Fuchsia.


13. Lilac

Lilac flowers grow in the clumps of dense bushes, and this plant is the symbolism of rebirth. Lilac is also known as the Easter flower. One can easily locate these vibrant coloured and scented beauties in the garden or decorative bouquets.


14. Rhododendron

Rhododendron produces a bell-shaped flower and is known to have a unique fragrance. The bouquet of this flower can be given to someone to whom you want to provide with protection.


All the flowers listed above makes this list a perfect pick for you, this season. Gift your friends and family a bouquet that has these purple colour flowers and let them go gaga over your choice of flowers. And here we end our exquisite list of purple flowers with a quote by Jackie Harmon Sweeney, that says- “I Don’t have a Purple Problem, I have a Purple Passion!”