Rakhi Purnami 2021 Date and Time | Rakhi Purnima

Rakhi Purnima 2021 is an Indian festival that celebrates the divine bond of the brother-sister relationship. It has many stories about the origin that last to the times when our Holy land was blessed with the Avatars of almighty. The festival is celebrated according to the Hindu calendar and is celebrated with zest around the corners of India under different names.

Rakhi Purnami 2021 Date and Time

Purnima is the day in each month when the full Moon occurs and marks the division in each month between the two lunar fortnights, and the Moon is aligned exactly in a straight line, called a syzygy, with the Sun and Earth.

Rakhi Purnima in 2021 is the occasion that brothers and sisters are eagerly waiting for eagerly to be turned into ‘today’. And as soon as the festival is here, there will be lots of celebrations through parties over rakhi rituals, music, dance, sweets, and memories.

Here is the date and day of Rakhi Purnima 2021:

Name of Festival Day Date
Rakhi Purnima Sunday 22nd August 2021

You guys should celebrate the festival according to the Hindu calendar, which doesn’t go parallel with our current calendar in terms of timings. So, we are sharing with you the start and end times of the Rakhi Purnima in 2021 and the Shubh Muharat too.

  • Rakhi Purnima Begins: 03:45 pm on 21st August 2021
  • Rakhi Purnima Ends: 05:58 pm on 22nd August 2021
  • Shubh Muhurat For Rakhi: 06:07 am on 22nd August 2021 to 05:58 pm on 22nd August 2021

We hope that you get the value from the information shared here. Let go of the difference (if any) and celebrate the festival with your sisters and brothers in the most fun way possible.