Explore 10 Reasons To Buy Rakhi Online In 2021 Over Offline Methods

Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious occasion that imbibes a sense of trust and protection in siblings. This festival falls at the end of Sawan month, and earlier families used to celebrate it with love, affection, and joy. But today, many families have separated, and our loved ones have scattered to different places making us a little less excited for this festival. As the pandemic hit the world, we all realised that our loved ones are important. We need to protect our bonds at any cost. Therefore, now every festival seems like people are waiting to celebrate it with so much excitement. It is like they desire to live every moment with them.

Reasons To Buy Rakhi Online In 2021 Over Offline Methods

As COVID-19 is not leaving the world so soon, going out to the local market for shopping is quite risk-taking. Also, offline markets are not brimming with immense rakhi options in today’s time because even transportation is affected. And at this point in time, online businesses are something to trust, as they are safe and have many more options like silver rakhi, gold rakhi, bhaiya bhabhi rakhi online, trending rakhi pieces than offline ones. Also, as our families are stuck out in different cities or countries, we desire to send them love and affection and don’t want the festival vibes to dry down. So, we look to the local shops or portals that can send rakhi online on our behalf. Also, there are many more reasons that you would like to know about ordering rakhi online instead of looking at offing methods.

Comprehensive Options Available

The very premium reason to choose the online market over offline is that they have impressive options available for Raksha Bandhan. Rakhis, like never seen before, are available at their portal. From 18k gold rakhi to eco-friendly rakhi, seeds rakhi, Mor Pankh rakhi, spiritual rakhi, designer rakhi, bracelet rakhi, silver rakhi, oxidised rakhi, and many more such options are available. Even family rakhi and kids rakhi are also there. So, you need not run from shop to shop for it because you get handy at one place.

Affordable Deals

The offline market does not offer as impressive deals and coupons as the online market does. They have reward points, vouchers to redeem, coupons to use, and they also sell things at competitive market prices. You would see them selling at 10% off or at 15% off that allure the customers, and it is not like that they sell inferior quality products, but they wish to sell more products and benefit the customer as well. So, online portals mostly have affordable and beneficial deals to crack.

Safe and Secure

As in offline methods, we risk our life because of the pandemic. We aren’t sure whether our rakhi parcel will reach on time or not but at online portals, we get the option of live-tracking our product, and they already assure us that by when the product will reach your doorstep or to your loved one’s place. Also, you won’t come in contact with any person, so no chances of getting infected. This way, you are safe and secure, and your product too.

Send Rakhi Across The Globe

Because of the pandemic, some part of our family may not be able to come home on this auspicious occasion, and for that, we want them to feel complete and want to mark our presence in their life with a fantastic rakhi piece. So, for that, we need online portals which can fulfill this wish. We need not run from shop to shop searching for who can send rakhi to the USA, Germany, Canada, UK, UAE, Australia. Instead, we can just search, and send rakhi to (country name), and India’s leading gifting portals will come up. This way, you can send rakhi across the Globe.

Saves Time and Energy

You need not go anywhere to shop for Raksha Bandhan because you can easily use your phone for it. The online portal is already on your phone. Even if you are going to bed and decide to shop, you need not look for whether they are open or not or you just need to reach the local market before 9 o’clock in the evening, or you have to run hither and thither to get a beautiful rakhi piece. Whenever you have time, you can order, and this saves a lot of time and energy.

Prompt Delivery Services

Sometimes, you lack time, and you couldn’t go out shopping for Raksha Bandhan, and at that time, you need a portal that can deliver rakhis to your doorstep or your dear one’s doorstep. In that case, online portals are saviours. Their prompt delivery service helps people to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan on time. Yes, their express delivery service of rakhi is what makes people happy because the rakhi is conveniently sent to the home or our loved one’s homes. So, the online method looks fun to use.

Incredible Hampers and Signature Boxes

You cannot get exclusive signature boxes for your siblings at local shops or incredible hampers that melt your brother’s heart. On online portals, they have introduced heartwarming signature boxes with cookies, dry fruits, chocolates and other things and hampers with sweets, chocolates, plants, or some gifts that make this rakhi worth cherishing. So, what are your thoughts on it?

An Easy Process To Send

Instead of putting it in a mailing box or sending a postcard for rakhi, here, you just need to log in, browse through rakhi pieces, add a Pincode of the area you want to send, add your favorite rakhi, you can also add add-ons with it, make online payments, and it is done. Isn’t this easier to send a rakhi online than using offline methods? You can light up your siblings’ day by sending rakhi to their doorstep.

Trending Options Available At A Click

When you explore the local market, you don’t really know what’s trending. They have usual options available instead of trending ones. If you got bracelet rakhi in one local shop, you would get Red stone rakhi in another one, which gets tiring. Therefore, if you explore online portals, they will let you know what’s trending in 2021. Which rakhi you should buy or which rakhi people like more, they show it on the online portal itself.

Spend No Cash, Make Online Payments

In today’s time, most people rely on online payment methods. They do not really have ample cash for daily necessities. Most people prefer paying their bills online, and as digital India is growing, people have understood the importance of paying bills online instead of using cash. So, as you order through online portals, you can make payments through cards or UPIs instead of just thinking of taking out money from an ATM and then going on a shopping spree for Raksha Bandhan.

Well, we hope we are able to convince you to buy rakhi online. These are some benefits that we have put forward before you but just think how your loved ones will feel receiving a rakhi to a different state or country from their favourite sibling. Amazing, right? So, do not think twice. If you want, FlowerAura can help you to deliver smiles to your loved one’s doorstep. Explore www.floweraura.com today and keep sending love to your precious ones!