7 Reasons to Thank Your Siblings

Your brother fights with you like you are his greatest enemy, but he loves you unconditionally. To annoy you; your sister always eats the last piece of your chocolate bar, but every year on Raksha Bandhan, she gets for you rakhi with chocolates, the one you like. Such is the equation shared by brothers and sisters.

A brother-sister relationship is like Tom and Jerry. They find nasty ways to annoy, make fun of each other. But, the universal truth is that they cannot live without each other. No matter how bad or ugly the fight, at the end of the day, they are inseparable.

There is no one like brother & sister in the whole wide world. For every sister, her brother is the best, and for every brother, his sister is the cutest. Together, they are each other’s everything—support system, second parents, confidante, best friends, pamperer, and well-wishers.

Reasons to Thank Your Siblings

We know that having a sibling is the greatest blessing. But, How often do we thank our brothers or sisters for being an essential part of our lives? Very rarely. Because half of the time goes in nagging and another half in “ tu adopted hai,” “tujhe dustbin se uthake laaye the,” “Mummy ye pareshaan kar rha hai,” “throwing pillows at each other.” Sigh!!

Raksha Bandhan, a festival being celebrated from centuries to honour the unbroken bond of brothers and sisters, allows you to bury all your differences for a day and appreciate each other’s presence. Thank Your Siblings for giving you memories to cherish for a lifetime and making your life a tad bit better each day.

1. Thank You For Your Unconditional Love

Though you fight endlessly with your brother, you know he loves you the most. In his tight hug and a goodnight kiss, you can feel his love and warmth. Just let him know that you love him equally. But, your mother loves you more than him. (Hahah)

Thank You For Your Unconditional Love

2. Thank You For Always Being There

Your sister is always a call or text away, even though you are living in different time zones. Whenever you feel low or need to talk to someone, you can count on your sister. You can feel the comfort and concern in her voice for you. Without her, you cannot think of your life. She keeps you sane all the time. Thank You, Dadi Amma!

Thank You For Always Being There

3. Thank You For Making The World A Happier Place

Your brother is the reason you smile. If there is a person who can make you smile even on your worst day, it is your brother. He knows the trick to make you laugh until you cry. A silly joke from him or a tickle at the stomach, that's it. This is all he needs to do, and you are rolling on the floor, laughing.

Thank You For Making The World A Happier Place

4. Thank You For All The Support

No questions asked, your sister will always support you in times of trouble. Whether you had a fight with your friend or having a rough week at work or school, she has got your back. She will guide you on the right path. The best advice comes from elder brother and sister.

Thank You For All The Support

5. Thank You For Keeping All The Secrets

There’s no better secret keeper than your brother. He is your all-time confidante. From not telling your parents about your bad grades to staying quiet about your love affairs, he has done his job with utmost devotion and sincerity. Though, he blackmails and asks for offers in return. But, he is a man of trust.

Thank You For Keeping All The Secrets

6. Thank You For Incessant Pampering

If you are a younger sibling, you are the lucky one. Elder siblings leave no stone unturned to pamper their little brother or sister. From toys in childhood to pocket money in adolescence, they ensured that you live life king or queen size. PS: No sharing, stay away!

Thank You For Incessant Pampering

7. Thank You For Valuable Life Lessons

Siblings are like mentors guiding their brothers and sisters at every step of their life. Whether it’s teaching the important lesson of respecting time and money or instilling you with confidence for your first interview, siblings have been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, and valuable life lessons.

Thank You For Valuable Life Lessons

All in all, life wouldn’t be the same without siblings. So, Thank your brothers and sisters for making your life beautiful. Bhai- Behen Ka Pyaar Hai Toh Saara Jahan Hai!